500 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers by Puligadda

500 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

 500 Data Science Interview Questions and Answers by Vamsee Puligadda

Questions of 500 Data Science Interview

  • Question 1. What Is A Recommender System?
  • Question 2. Compare Sas, R, And Python Programming?
  • Question 3. Explain The Various Benefits Of R Language?
  • Question 4. How Do Data Scientists Use Statistics?
  • Question 5. What Is Logistic Regression?
  • Question 6. Why Data Cleansing Is Important In Data Analysis?
  • Question 7. Describe Univariate, Bivariate And Multivariate Analysis.?
  • Question 8. How Machine Learning Is Deployed In Real World Scenarios?
  • Question 9. What Are The Various Aspects Of A Machine Learning Process?
  • Question 10. What Do You Understand By The Term Normal Distribution?
  • Question 11. What Is Linear Regression?
  • Question 12. What Are Interpolation And Extrapolation?
  • Question 13. What Is Power Analysis?
  • Question 14. What Are K-means? How Can You Select K For K-means?
  • Question 15. How Is Data Modeling Different From Database Design?
  • Question 16. What Are Feature Vectors?
  • Question 17. Explain The Steps In Making A Decision Tree.?
  • Question 18. What Is Root Cause Analysis?
  • Question 19. Explain Cross-validation.?
  • Question 20. What Is Collaborative Filtering?
  • Question 21. Do Gradient Descent Methods At All Times Converge To Similar Point?
  • Question 22. What Is The Goal Of A/b Testing?
  • Question 23. What Are The Drawbacks Of Linear Model?
  • Question 24. What Is The Law Of Large Numbers?
  • Question 25. What Are Confounding Variables?
  • Question 26. Explain Star Schema.?
  • Question 27. How Regularly An Algorithm Must Be Update?
  • Question 28. What Are Eigenvalue And Eigenvector?
  • Question 29. Why Is Resampling Done?
  • Question 30. Explain Selective Bias.?
  • …more questions in the book.

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