7000 Exercises to Help You Learn Better English Through Flash Cards

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7000 Exercises to Help You Learn Better English Through Flash Cards

PDF Free Download | 7000 Exercises to Help You Learn Better English Through Flash Cards by Janette Robinson

Introduction to 7000 Exercises to Learn Better English eBook

The correlation between a high level of proficiency in English and success in any career path in the modern world is very high.

This book will improve your career options by helping you learn a large number of complex new words in English, and will also help you retain the meanings of and usage recommendations for those words.

The number of English words you need to know varies based on the requirement. If you need to make do with daily life events in a foreign country and you are not a native speaker of English, 1000 words and basic grammatical structures might just be enough.

If you need to prepare for a test (for example, the verbal section of the GRE, SAT, ACT, or the GMAT), or for an English word power exam or for a job interview that requires verbal skills, you will need to memorize a word list that has anywhere between 2000 and 5000 difficult words, depending on the exact test for which you are preparing. This is not easy, and you need to choose creative methods of study to help you do it well.

This book will help you level up your English bank of knowledge, no matter what your goal is. It is both a repository of important words, and an exercise book; you will be able to learn hundreds of new words, and also make your brain strive to remember the meanings of thousands of new words, which will be covered in upcoming books.

By the end, your verbal skills would have received a thorough workout, and you will be much better placed to use your verbal skills for success in your chosen career field.

Congratulations on choosing this book!

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