Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies

Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies

Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies by Krzysztof Iniewski

Contents of Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies

  • Part 1. digital design and power management
  • Design in the energy–delay space
  • Subthreshold source-coupled logic
  • Ultralow-voltage design of nanometer cmos circuits for smart energy-autonomous systems
  • Impairment-aware analog circuit design by reconfiguring feedback systems
  • Rom-based logic design: a low-power design perspective
  • Power management: enabling technology
  • Ultralow power management circuit for optimal energy harvesting in wireless body area network
  • Part 2. analog and RF design
  • Analog circuit design for soi
  • Frequency generation and control with self-referenced cmos oscillators
  • Synthesis of static and dynamic translinear circuits
  • Microwatt power cmos analog circuit designs: ultralow power lsis for power-aware applications
  • High-speed current-mode data drivers for amoled displays rf transceivers for wireless applications
  • Part 3. device layout and reliability
  • Technology-aware communication architecture design for parallel hardware platforms
  • Design and optimization of integrated transmission lines on scaled cmos technologies on-chip surfing interconnect
  • On-chip spiral inductors with integrated magnetic materials
  • Reliability of nanoelectronic vlsi
  • Temperature monitoring issues in nanometer cmos integrated circuits
  • Part 4. circuit testing
  • Low-power testing for low-power lsi circuits Checkers for online
  • Design and test of robust cmos rf and mm-wave radios
  • Contactless testing and diagnosis techniques

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