Advances in Water Desalination by Noam Lior

Advances in Water Desalination by Noam Lior

Advances in Water Desalination by Noam Lior, Miriam Balaban, Mohammad A. Darwish, Osamu Miyatake, Shichang Wang, Mark Wilf

Preface to Advances in Water Desalination eBook

This volume contains a wide spectrum of principal and timely information about (1) advances in fundamentals of desalination analysis and design when taking into consideration the increasing concerns about environmental and fuel cost effects on the processes,

(2) an evaluation of the state of the art of pretreatment and desalination technologies considering environmental and performance aspects,

(3) a critical comprehensive survey of the economic aspects of water desalination,

(4) a review of advances in hollow-fiber reverse-osmosis membrane modules,

(5) an introduction and review of the emerging adsorption desalination process,

and (6) a comprehensive review of advanced instrumentation, measurements, control, and automation in the MSF (Multi-Stage Flash) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) desalination processes. Perhaps the current main leading challenge in water desalination is its sustainability.

The first three chapters in the book address two of the three sustainability pillars: environmental impact and economics.

Economics became a growing concern due to the rapidly increasing and wildly fluctuating prices of energy, which is becoming a more dominant fraction of the produced water cost.

I note with great sorrow that the author of Chapter 1, Dr. Professor Yehya El-Sayed, has passed away before the printing of this book.

As one of the world’s leading and well-acknowledged thermodynamicists, he brought the science to engineering practice in general and to water desalination in particular, especially in his seminal work on applications of exergy and exergo-economic analysis to this field.

His life-work and this chapter demonstrates his foresight in dealing scientifically with water desalination sustainability, and will remain a permanent tribute to his memory.

I would like to acknowledge the essential contributions of the chapter authors who shared with us their precious knowledge and experience, of the book series Editorial Board members who are international leading desalination experts, Ms. Miriam Balaban, Dr. Professor Mohamed Ali Darwish, Dr. Professor Osamu Miyatake, Dr. Professor Shichang Wang and Dr. Mark Wilf who provided valuable guidance and review, and of Dr. Arza Seidel of John Wiley & Sons who has patiently and professionally overseen the creation of this book series and volume.

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