Aggregates in Concrete Modern concrete technology series 13 by Mark Alexander and Sidney Mindess

Aggregates in Concrete Modern Concrete Technology

Aggregates in Concrete Modern concrete technology series 13 by Mark Alexander and Sidney Mindess

Contents of Aggregates in Concrete

  • Some definitions
  • Purpose and role of aggregates
  • Consumption of aggregates
  • Challenging issues for concrete aggregates
  • Texts on concrete aggregates
  • Scope and objectives of this book
  • Natural aggregate sources and production
  • Origin and classification of aggregates
  • Sources and production of natural aggregates
  • Sampling of aggregates
  • Summary of national usage
  • Properties and characterization of aggregates
  • Physical properties of aggregates
  • Mechanical properties of aggregates
  • Chemical and durability properties of aggregates
  • Aggregate petrography
  • Aggregates in plastic concrete
  • Characterizing the plastic properties of concrete
  • Influence of aggregates on the plastic properties of concrete
  • Aggregates and concrete mix proportioning
  • Aggregates in hardened concrete: physical and mechanical properties
  • Fundamental aspects
  • Concrete strength
  • Concrete fracture properties
  • Concrete abrasion properties
  • Concrete deformation properties
  • Influence of aggregate volume content
  • Aggregate dimensional stability, thermal
  • properties, and corresponding concrete properties
  • Aggregates in hardened concrete: durability and transport properties
  • Concrete transport properties
  • Concrete deterioration mechanisms relating to aggregates
  • Special aggregates and special concretes
  • Low density aggregates
  • High density aggregates
  • Aggregate requirements for special concretes
  • Marginal aggregates
  • Aggregates derived from industrial waste materials
  • Porous aggregates for internal curing of concrete
  • Aggregates for refractory concrete
  • Abrasion-resistant aggregates
  • Standards for aggregates
  • Standard specifications for aggregates
  • Standard tests for aggregates
  • Developments in aggregate standards

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