An Introduction to Broadband Networks by Antony S. Acampora

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An Introduction to Broadband Networks by Antony S. Acampora

PDF Free Download | An Introduction to Broadband Networks LANs, MANs, ATM, B-ISDN, and Optical Networks for Integrated Multimedia Telecommunications by Antony S. Acampora

Contents of Introduction to Broadband Networks eBook

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Megatrends in Technology
  • The Evolving Architecture of Telecommunication Networks
  • Broadband Networks: Driving Forces
  • The Distinction between LANs and MANs
  • Some Possible Applications
  • A Word about Transmission Formats and Trafik Types
  • A Brief Word about Communication Protocols, Bridges, Routers,
  • Gateways, Datagrams, and Virtual Circuits
  • Contention in Telecommunication Networks
  • Chapter 2. Review of Local Area Networks
  • Functional Elements
  • Functional and Physical Topologies
  • Random Access for a Functional Bus LAN
  • Throughput Analysis of a Slotted Aloha System
  • Throughput Analysis of an Unslotted Aloha System
  • Carrier-Sense-Multiple-Access
  • Throughput Analysis of Carrier-Sense-Multiple Access with
  • Collision Detection
  • Token Rings
  • Throughput Analysis of Token Ring
  • Short Bus Architecture
  • Delay Performance
  • Chapter 3. Packet Switch Interconnection Fabrics
  • Switch Functionality
  • The Need for Queuing in aSpace Division Packet Switch
  • Analysis of Lost Packet Performance in the Absence of
  • Smoothing Buffers
  • Input Queuing
  • Traffk-Handling Capability of an Input-Queued Packet Switch
  • Output Queuing
  • Mean Delay for a Packet Switch with Output Queuing
  • Switching Elements
  • A Modified Input-Queued Switch and the Required Number of
  • The Banyan Switch
  • The Knockout Switch
  • Analysis of Cell Loss for the Knockout Switch
  • The Batcher-Banyan Switch
  • The Tandem Banyan Switch
  • The Shared Memory Switch
  • Concluding Thoughts on Packet Switch Interconnecting Fabrics
  • Chapter 4. Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Distributed Queue Dual Bus
  • DQDB Segmentation, Reassembly, and Protocol Data Units
  • Delay Performance of DQDB for Bursty Data Trafik
  • Blocking Performance of DQDB for Circuit-Switched Traffic
  • Fiber-Distributed-Data-Interface (FDDI)
  • Delay and Blocking Performances of FDDI
  • Chapter 5. Broadband ISDN and Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • Broadband ISDN and ATM: Preliminaries
  • B-ISDN Protocol Reference Model
  • Call Setup Procedures
  • Virtual Channels and Virtual Paths
  • Function of the ATM Adaptation Layer
  • Chapter 6. Issues in Trafik Control and Performance Management
  • The Importance of Trafiic Control and Performance
  • Management
  • Admission Control
  • Policing
  • Flow Control
  • Priority Control
  • Self-Learning Strategies
  • Chapter 7. Lightwave Networks
  • What Is a Lightwave Network?
  • Essentials of Lightwave Technology
  • Direct Detection and the Quantum Limit
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • Principles of Coherent Detection
  • A Coherent Lightwave System
  • Optical Devices
  • Broadcast-and-Select Lightwave Packet Networks
  • Multihop Lightwave Packet Networks
  • Capacity of a Multihop Network-Analysis
  • Capacity of a Multihop Network-Results
  • Delay and Lost Cell Performance of Multihop Networks
  • Rearrangeable Lightwave Packet Networks
  • Problem Definition and Reconfiguration Heuristic
  • Traffic-Handling Capability of a Rearrangeable Multihop
  • Network
  • Rearrangeable Multihop Networks with Wavelength Reuse
  • Chapter 8. Broadband Applications
  • Network Services Applications
  • End-User Applications

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