Analog Circuit Design Scalable Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design by Johan, Michiel and Arthur

Analog Circuit Design Scalable Analog Circuit Design, High-Speed D/A Converters , RF Power Amplifiers by Johan H. Huijsing, Michiel Steyaert and Arthur van Roermund

Contents of Analog Circuit Design

  • Part I: Scalable Analog Circuit Design
  • Introduction
  • Scalable High-Speed Analog Circuit Design
  • Scalable High Resolution Mixed Mode Circuit Design
  • Scalable “High Voltages” Integrated Circuit Design for XDSL Type of Applications
  • Scalability of Wire-Line Analog Front-Ends
  • Reusable IP Analog Circuit Design
  • Process Migration Tools for Analog and Digital Circuits
  • Part II: High-Speed D/A Converters
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Converter Design
  • Design Considerations for a Retargetable b MHz CMOS Current-Steering DAC
  • High-Speed CMOS DA Converters for Upstream Cable Applications
  • Solving Static and Dynamic Performance Limitations for High Speed D/A Converters
  • High Speed Digital-Analog Converters – The Dynamic Linearity Challenge
  • A -MHz, -bit Charge Domain CMOS D/A Converter for Low-
  • Spurious Frequency Synthesis
  • Part III – RF Power Amplifies
  • Introduction
  • Design Considerations for RF Power Amplifiers demonstrated through a GSM/EDGE Power Amplifier Module
  • Class-E High-Efficiency RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers: Principles of Operation, Design Procedures, and Experimental Verification
  • Linear Transmitter Architectures
  • GaAs Microwave SSPA’s: Design and characteristics
  • Monolithic Transformer-Coupled RF Power Amplifiers in SI-Bipolar
  • Low Voltage PA Design in Standard CMOS

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