AutoCAD Exercises For Beginners Designers WorkBook For Practice

AutoCAD Exercises For Beginners Designers WorkBook For Practice

AutoCAD Exercises For Beginners: Designers WorkBook For Practice by S. A. by Shameer

Contents of AutoCAD Exercises For Beginners Book

  • Commands (list of all the important commands in AutoCAD given in table format).
  • 2D models (Sink, kitchen top, Sink hole, TV desk, Bed design, Door and Window etc…)
  • Practice line diagram’s and 2d plan.
  • Component design.
  • Detailing (Wall section, Door detailing, Window detailing, Stair design etc..).
  • Command based 3d modeling (Getting your basic clear on 3d).
  • Real life 3d models (sofa, door, window, table design etc….).

About the Book

AutoCAD Workouts for Beginners is designed for students, professionals, or anyone looking to upgrade their AutoCAD skills by practicing cool real-world examples.

Using the example of real-world hacking specified in this book, you can easily master the basics and get an expert level in problem-solving methodology.

Each chapter begins with easy problems and then moves on to challenging industrial and real life problems.

A few chapters initially focus on a list of commands that the student and professional should be aware of, then we deal with in-depth 2D modeling problems such as layout and layout, partition, wall and door details etc.

Then we move on to: 3D modeling based on depth orders and realistic industrial 3D problems. You can look at this book as full of hack problems to practice and master AutoCAD in an effective way without including theory.

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