Battery Management System BMS for Lithium Ion Batteries

Battery Management System (BMS) for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Battery Management System BMS for Lithium Ion Batteries by José Miguel Branco Marques

Contents of Battery Management System

  • Individual Cell and -Cell battery pack
  • Lithium-ion internal representation
  • Energy&power demands in batteries for different vehicle applications [Rosenkranz
  • Typical energy density for batteries and liquid fuels
  • Comparing power and energy density of different chemistries
  • Tradeoffs among the five principal Lithium-Ion battery technologies
  • Schematic drawing of shapes and components of several Lithium-ion battery
  • configurations: a – Cylindrical; b – Coin; c – Prismatic; d – Thin and flat
  • Lithium Battery from Boeing Dreamliner Airplane safety failure
  • Safety failure related mechanisms on cell level [Electropaedia, a]
  • Illustration of a battery with % DOD/SOC window
  • Capacity variation with temperature [Electropaedia, b]
  • Capacity reduction at different temperatures and discharge rates
  • Cell balancing topologies
  • ISR-UC Electric Vehicle
  • Lithium-Ion battery pack acquired to the company Autosil S A ( V, kWh,
  • modules in series with parallel cells each – P S)
  • TC Charger
  • Battery test setup
  • Discharge logging of Autosil battery pack constant current discharge ( A)
  • Energy Storage System of the newly developed platform
  • ISR-BMS Architecture
  • Hardware development workflow
  • Battery voltages with different cathode chemistries
  • ISR-BMS Architecture
  • Circuit Board bottom side derived from Eagle Layout Software
  • HTFS – Hall-effect current sensor from LEM manufacturer
  • MAX cell voltages measurement procedure flowchart
  • MAX SPI Control of cells voltage readout
  • Balancing flowchart
  • Smartphone display of ISR-BMS voltages and temperatures
  • ISR-BMS GUI parametrization menu
  • ISR-BMS GUI live cell voltages plot
  • EEC model adopted for ISR-BMS
  • Voltage plot of first pre-conditioning cycle
  • Cell characterization test setup
  • Characterization cell box GUI
  • Measured versus simulated data at ºC
  • EEC estimated parameters
  • Comparative current measurements of ISR-BMS and Fluke i s current probe
  • Voltage measurements logged on the PC during a real road drive
  • BMS debugging after installation
  • Cell voltages during charge at A constant current
  • Combined information of ISR-BMS, GPS and encoders from the electric platform
  • during a real road drive
  • Benchmarking the ISR-BMS with other commertial BMSs
  • A BMS-ISR Schematics /
  • A BMS-ISR Schematics /
  • B Firmware file structure (by Doxygen)
  • D Winston battery LYP AHA

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