Coding Interview Ninja 50 coding questions with Java solutions by Ekim Ouye

Coding Interview Ninja 50 Coding Questions with Java Solutions

Coding Interview Ninja 50 coding questions with Java solutions by Ekim Ouy

Contents of Coding Interview Ninja

  • Before starting practicing for the coding interview, you will need to brush up some of the fundamentals of computer science. Below is a list of the most important topics, in my opinion, that you need to look into. This list is by nomeans a complete one.
  • You must know really well a programming language of your choice. Being fluent in the language of your choice will give you more time to think about the actual problem rather than thinking how to implement the solution that you have in your mind. The most popular languages among the tech companies are Java, C/C++ and Python.
  • Most of the times, the interviewer will ask you the running time of your program meaning the big O complexity, that is the worst-case analysis of the running time. In some cases, such as when dealing with popular algorithms that have a bad big O analysis (eg. quicksort), it is useful to know the average running timeas well.
  • Linked Lists
  • Each node in a linked list has a data element and a pointer to the next node. A sample definition of a linked list node is:
  • class LLNode {int data; LLNode next; LLNode(int data) { = data; }
  • A linked list may be double linked, which means that each node has a pointer to the previous node as well. A sample definition would be:
  • class DLLNode {int data; DLLNode next, prev; DLLNode(int data) { = data;}

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