Construction Management Fundamentals 2nd Edition

Construction Management Fundamentals 2nd Edition

Construction Management Fundamentals (McGraw-Hill Series in Civil Engineering) 2nd Edition by Kraig Knutson, Clifford Schexnayder, Christine Fiori, Richard Mayo

About the book

Essentials of Construction Management is intended as an introduction to the technical and business sides of construction and is intended for use in the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum or for postgraduate construction management courses.

The text covers the basics of construction in a logical, simple, and concise form, and many examples reinforce construction and management concepts through applications, images, and illustrations drawn from actual projects.

Based on professional practice, standard forms of analysis and explanation of common problems are presented to prepare students for fast-paced bid preparation.

Construction Management Essentials Second Edition includes coverage of the Building Standards Institute’s new MasterFormat 2004 edition, as well as a completely rewritten safety chapter that includes the latest OSHA required safety and reporting practices.

The book will help prepare a student who may take a course or two in the construction or construction management specialist.

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