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Construction Scheduling With Primavera P6 by Jongpil Nam

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Preface to Construction Scheduling With Primavera P6 PDF

Project scheduling is one of the vital factors that contribute to a project’s success or failure. A project schedule provides a pathway towards the completion of a project as scheduled, and continuous feedback on how the project is progressing.

However, schedule controllers are often frustrated when their schedules are impeded by unexpected events, or at colleagues’ failure to comprehend their schedules correctly and communicate with schedulers efficiently.

Thus, a primary concern of schedulers today involves developing comprehensive schedules as early as possible and using them efficiently to best communicate with their clients and colleagues.

Furthermore, a good schedule has to provide schedulers and project management team members with an opportunity to anticipate any risks so that the project management team can prepare countermeasures to mitigate them.

This book focuses on planning and scheduling for construction projects and presents field-site-based best practices related to schedule management and Primavera P6, and offers strategies that utilize scheduling methodologies and tools.

These strategies are based on the theory of schedule management and features of scheduling software packages, which can be applied in every field site no matter what the construction project type is.

This book introduces examples and tips, as well as suggestions for developing efficient schedules and management methods that ensure an immediate improvement in schedule control.

This book is designed to be Primavera P6 user-friendly, so readers using P6 can understand P6-based schedule management with ease. This book covers all matters schedulers should know and understand regarding schedule management.

It also includes the missing manuals of schedule management textbooks and Primavera P6 manuals. Therefore, I recommend that those who want to be skilled scheduler make use of this book, along with schedule management textbooks and Primavera P6 manuals.

Contents of Construction Scheduling

  • Overview Of Schedule Management
  • What Is Schedule Management?
  • Overview Of The Schedule Management Process
  • Schedule And Documents Typically Required For A Project
  • Schedule Types In Terms Of Presentation Technique
  • Schedule Management Techniques And Methods
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Earned Value Method (EVM)
  • Program Evaluation And Review Technique (Pert)
  • Rolling Wave Planning
  • Applications For Schedule Management
  • Primavera P6
  • Ms. Project
  • Ms. Excel
  • Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Project Management Information System (Pmis)
  • Organizations & Requirements For Schedule Management
  • Schedule Management Team (Project Management Team) And Other
  • Departments
  • Is A Scheduler A Primavera P6 Operator?
  • Contract Type Affects Schedule Management Methodology
  • Schedule Levels And Types
  • Procedures
  • Schedule-Related Standards
  • Schedule Management Of Portfolio And Programme
  • Schedule Development Process At The Programme Level
  • Schedule Structure In A Multi-Contractor Project
  • Preparing To Develop A Schedule
  • Defining Users And Security Profiles As Well As Layouts
  • Sharing Layouts
  • Settings In P6
  • Fifteen Must-Remember Keyboard Shortcuts In Primavera P6
  • Settings For A New Project
  • How Do P6 Users Select Duration Types?
  • How Do P6 Users Choose Percent Complete Types?
  • Columns And Layouts
  • Handy Tip – Finding Missing Activities
  • Handy Tip – Customising Names Of Timescale
  • Planning & Publishing
  • Strategies In Planning
  • Requirement-Oriented Project Management
  • Schedule-Related Requirements In Contract Documents
  • The Dos And Don’ts Of Developing A Schedule
  • Deceptive Schedules Are Not Allowed
  • Requirements For Counterparts
  • Importing P3 Files Into P6
  • Data Backup Is The Most Important Activity For P6 Operators!
  • Establishing A Sandpit Database
  • Easy Regular Backup
  • Handy Tip – Finding Out Who Has Changed A Schedule In Primavera P6
  • Define Scope And Develop WBS
  • Advance Preparations
  • Define Scope And Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Handy Tips – Various Wbs Development Methods
  • Organization Breakdown Structure And Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Developing Schedule Management Documents
  • Develop Activity List And Sequences
  • Recommendations For Activity Numbering And Naming Structure
  • Ways To Rename Activity Ids
  • Creating An Activity List (Or Draft Of A Schedule) And Sequences Under A Work
  • Package
  • Setting Steps
  • Handy Tip – Importing Data From Excel To P6
  • WBS Summary Activities And Level Of Effort (Loe)
  • Using Filters Efficiently
  • Loading Resources
  • Properties Of Resources
  • The role, Resource And Work Crew
  • Developing A Quick S-Curve (Top-Down Resource Allocation)
  • Resource Loading (Bottom-Up Resource Allocation)
  • Monitoring The Progress Of Physical (Deliverables), Units (Resources) And
  • Duration
  • Easy Resource Loading And Project Status
  • Handy Tip – Erasing All Units Assigned To Activities In One Go
  • Developing Activity Duration And Relationships
  • Duration Units And Activity Duration Estimation
  • Graphical Evaluation And Review Technique (Gert) For Inspections And Tests
  • Schedule Contingency
  • Suspending And Resuming An Activity
  • Activity Relationships Between Work Packages
  • Negative Value Lag (Lead)
  • Handy Tip – Removing Multiple Relationships
  • Assigning Calendars
  • Working Hours Per Day
  • Workable Days Per Week
  • Non-Working Days Of The Year
  • Handy Tip – Viewing 12 Months At Once
  • Assigning Constraints And Activity Codes
  • Assigning Constraints
  • Activity Codes
  • Comparing Activity Codes And Udfs (User Defined Fields) And Global Change
  • Handy Tip – An Easy Way To Change The Order Of Columns In An Activities
  • Table
  • Refining The Schedule
  • Check The Basics
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule Log Review
  • Finding Missing Relationships
  • Spatial Constraints Review
  • Intentional Delay
  • Levelling Resources
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Analyzing The Schedule
  • Defining Critical Activities
  • Critical Path And Near-Critical Path
  • Handy Tip – Showing Near-Critical Activities Graphically
  • Risks Analysis
  • Handy Tip – Finding Lag
  • Remaining Early Cost Curve And Payment Curve
  • Organizing Milestones
  • Checklist Before Submitting Schedule To Client In The Planning Phase
  • Updating, Analysing, And Reporting
  • Methodologies And Processes Of Progress Updating
  • Data To Maintain In The Implementing Phase
  • Communication Types For Collecting Progress Data
  • Collecting Progress Data By Means Of Xer Files
  • Handy Tip – Importing A Higher Version Xer File
  • Collecting Progress Data By Means Of An Excel File
  • Collecting Progress Data By Means Of A Project Management Information
  • System
  • Updating The Schedule
  • Prior To Updating Progress In Primavera P6
  • Progress Updating For Each Type Of Activity
  • Summarising And Storing Period Performance
  • Handy Tip – Updating Progress (Ev) Using Activity % Complete
  • Setting The Data Date
  • Technique For Computing Performance Percent Complete
  • Handy Tip – Computing The Workload Of Schedule Updating
  • The Reasons Why Actual Cost Should Be Updated
  • Analysing Progress
  • Comparing Schedules
  • Earned Value Method
  • Payment Calculation
  • Performance Analysis
  • Controlling The Revision Number Of The Master Schedule
  • Corrective Actions And Schedule Revising
  • Activity Delay
  • Delay By Retaining Logic
  • Corrective Actions For Delayed Activities
  • Example Of Crashing Based On Minimum Cost Expediting
  • Process For Revising The Project Schedule
  • Reporting
  • Effective Progress Report
  • Developing Reports With Primavera P6
  • Sample Monthly Progress Report
  • Printing
  • Probability Of On-Time Project Completion
  • Handy Tip – Displaying All Activity Names When Printing Out
  • Schedule-Related Claims And Advanced Technologies

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All books on this website are published in good faith and for educational information purpose only. So, we ask you to report us any copyrighted material published in our website and we will remove it immediately.