Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications by Behzad Razavi

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Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications

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Preface to Design of Integrated Circuits

The increasing demand for high-speed transport of data has revitalized optical communications, leading to extensive work on high-speed device and circuit design.

This book has been written to address the need for a tutorial text dealing with the analysis and design of integrated circuits (ICs)

for optical communication systems and will prove useful to both graduate students and practicing engineers.

The book assumes a solid understanding of analog design, e.g., at the level of Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by B. Razavi or Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by P. Gray, P. Hurst, S. Lewis, and R. Meyer. The book comprises ten chapters.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction to optical com munications, setting the stage for subsequent developments.

Chapter 2 describes basic concepts, building the foundation for analysis and design of circuits.

Chapter 3 deals with optical devices and systems, bridging the gap between optics and electronics.

Chapter 4 addresses the design of transimpedance amplifiers, focusing on low-noise broadband topologies and their trade-offs.

Chapter 5 extends these concepts to limiting amplifiers and output buffers, introducing methods of achieving a high gain with a broad bandwidth.

Chapter 6 presents oscillator fundamentals, and Chapter 7 focuses on LC oscillators.

Chapter 8 describes the design of phase-locked loops, and Chapter 9 applies the idea of phase locking to clock and data recovery circuits.

Chapter 10 deals with high-speed transmitter circuits such as multiplexers and laser drivers.

The book can be adopted for a graduate course on high-speed IC design. In a quarter system, parts of Chapters 3, 4, and 10 may be skipped.

In a semester system, all chapters can be covered. A website for the book provides additional resources for the reader, including an image set and web links.

Visit for more information. I would like to express my gratitude to the reviewers who provided invaluable feed back on all aspects of the book.

Specifically, I am thankful to Lawrence Der (Transpectrum), Larry DeVito (Analog Devices), Val Garuts (TDK Semiconductor),

Ken Pedrotti (University of California, Santa Cruz), Gabor Temes (Oregon State University), and Barry Thompson (TDK Semoconductor).

I also wish to thank Michelle Flomenhoft, Betsy Jones, and Gloria Schiesl of McGraw-Hill for their kind support.

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