Electric Vehicle Batteries: Moving from Research towards Innovation

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Electric Vehicle Batteries Moving From Research Towards Innovation

PDF Free Download | Electric Vehicle Batteries: Moving from Research towards Innovation by Emma Briec and Beate Müller

Preface to Electric Vehicle Batteries

An important instrument for supporting research on electrification of cars has been the European Green Cars Initiative Public Private

Partnership (EGCI PPP) which was set up within the Seventh Framework Programme in order to fund research and demonstration projects on electrification, logistics and heavy duty transport.

In Horizon 2020, the EGCI PPP is now succeeded by the European Green Vehicle Initiative Public Private Partnership (EGVI PPP) that focuses on energy efficiency and alternative powertrains.

The initialization of a PPP gave the opportunity to build a close dialogue between the stakeholders of the industry, research institutes and the European Commission.

This is among others reflected in the regular expert workshops that were a joint activity of the industry platforms European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) and European Road

Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) and the European Commission and prepared by the Coordination Actions “Implementation for Road Transport Electrification” (CAPIRE) and “Smart Electric Vehicles Value Chains” (Smart EV-VC).

This proceedings volume is a report on the scientific talks that were given on one of these workshops on the topic of EV Batteries: Moving from Research towards Innovation which took place on 10 April 2013.

The aim of the workshop was to provide recommendations on R&D&I support activities in the framework of Horizon 2020 based on.

A review of the results of collaborative research projects on batteries funded under the European Green Cars Initiative, a review of relevant attempts in implementation of prototype manufacturing and mass production in Europe

And a discussion on current EU activities and policies for bridging the gap between research and innovation in the domain of batteries for EVs, including European activities and policies to foster innovation.

Invited experts included the coordinators of European collaborative research projects on batteries, leaders of major pilot activities for battery manufacturing

As well as representatives of European companies active in battery technology, automotive manufacturers and— suppliers and research institutions. Representatives of relevant Directorates General of the European Commission also participated.

Currently, there are 25 projects funded within the European Green Cars Initiative PPP dealing with electric vehicle battery materials, technologies, processes and manufacturing.

The scientific talks in the workshop focused on innovative battery materials, advanced manufacturing processes and smart battery management systems.

The purpose of this proceedings volume is to disseminate the results of the European Green Vehicles Initiative PPP to a broader stakeholder community and to further strengthen the dialogue among the stakeholders and with policy makers.

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