Electrical Construction Databook by Robert and Hickey

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Electrical Construction Databook by Robert and Hickey

PDF Free Download | Electrical Construction Databook by Robert B. Hickey and Bob Hickey

Contents of Electrical Construction Databook

  • Section 1. General Information
  • Section 2. Requirements for electrical installations
  • Section 3. Overcurrent protection
  • Section 4. Wiring methods and materials
  • Section 5. Primary and secondary service and system configurations
  • Section 6. Preliminary load calculations
  • Section 7. Short-circuit calculations
  • Section 8. Selective coordination of protective devices
  • Section 9. Component short-circuit protection
  • Section 10. Motor feeders and starters
  • Section 11. Standard voltages and voltage drop
  • Section 12. Transformers
  • Section 13. Grounding, ground-fault, and lightning protection
  • Section 14. Emergency and standby power systems
  • Section 15. NEC Chapter 9 tables, and appendices B and C
  • Section 16. Lighting
  • Section 17. Hazardous (classified) locations
  • Section 18. Telecommunications structured cabling systems
  • Section 19. Miscellaneous special applications
  • Section 20. Metrification

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