Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, and Andrew Prentice

Introduction to Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition eBook

The science of human nutrition and its applications to health promotion continue to gain momentum.

In the relatively short time since the release of the first edition of this Encyclopedia, a few landmark discoveries have had a dramatic multiplying effect over nutrition science:

the mapping of the human genome, the links between molecular bioenergetics and lifespan, the influence of nutrients on viral mutation, to name a few.

But perhaps the strongest evidence of the importance of nutrition for human health comes from the fact that almost 60% of the diseases that kill humans are related to diet and lifestyle (including smoking and physical activity).

These are all modifiable risk factors. As individuals and organizations intensify their efforts to reduce disease risks, the need for multidisciplinary work becomes more apparent.

Today, an effective research or program team is likely to include several professionals from fields other than nutrition.

For both nutrition and non-nutrition scientists, keeping up to date on the concepts and interrelationships between nutrient needs, dietary intake and health outcomes is essential.

The new edition of the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition hopes to address these needs.

While rigorously scientific and up to date, EHN provides concise and easily understandable summaries on a wide variety of topics.

The nutrition scientist will find that the Encyclopedia is an effective tool to ‘‘fill the void’’ of information in areas beyond his/her field of expertise.

Professionals from other fields will appreciate the ease of alphabetical listing of topics, and the presentation of information in a rigorous but concise way, with generous aid from graphs and diagrams.

For a work that involved more than 340 authors requires, coordination and attention to detail is critical.

The editors were fortunate to have the support of an excellent team from Elsevier’s Major Reference Works division.

Sara Gorman and Paula O’Connell initiated the project, and Tracey Mills and Samuel Coleman saw it to its successful completion.

We trust that this Encyclopedia will be a useful addition to the knowledge base of professionals involved in research, patient care, and health promotion around the globe.

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