Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems Proceedings of the 11th international Conference EEMODS’19 by Paolo Bertoldi

Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems by Paolo Bertoldi

Energy Efficiency in Motor Systems Proceedings of the 11th international Conference EEMODS’19 by Paolo Bertoldi

Contents of Energy Efficiency Motor Systems

  • Novel Design of Delta-Connected PM Synchronous Machines Considering Rotor Skewing
  • EC-Motors in a Fan Application: A Case Study
  • A Global Update on the Markets for Motors, Drives, and Motor-Driven Equipment
  • Increasing the Energy Savings of Motor Applications: The Extended Product Approach
  • High-Efficiency IE4 Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motors
  • Coordination of IEC and ISO Standards for Energy-Efficient Electric Motor-Driven Systems
  • Surface Eddy Current Suppression on Additively Manufactured Solid Rotor Active Parts
  • Energy Scorecard: One of the Key Executions to Transform the Market for Energy-Efficient Motors
  • A Novel Approach to Predict Reed Critical Frequency of Vertical Motors
  • Evaluation of High-Tech Electrical Steel in a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for an Aircraft Application
  • New Life Calculation Model for Hybrid Bearings
  • Programme for In-Depth Analyses of Electric Motor Systems in Industry (ProAnalySys)
  • A Review of the United States Process for Developing MEPS, the Benefits, and How Other Economic Regions Could Benefit from Adopting Similar Approaches
  • Electromagnetic Design of Propulsion Motors with Superconducting Field Coils for Electrified Aircraft
  • Design Methodology for a PM Electrical Variable Transmission Used in HEV
  • IE3 Efficiency Class as MEPS for Industrial Motor: How Brazil Got There
  • A Decision-Making Tool Incorporating Multiple Benefits of Motor Systems’ Retrofits
  • European Ecodesign Material Efficiency Standardization Overview for Circular Economy Aspects in Motor and Power Drive Systems
  • Comparison Between the Use of the Middle Ring and/or Skewed Bars in Induction Motor Rotor
  • Efficiency Measurement Strategy for a Planetary Gearbox with 2 Degrees of Freedom
  • Development of High-Precision Efficiency Measuring Device for High Power Motor Drive Systems
  • Evaluation and Application of Existing Air Curtain Effectiveness Methodology
  • Promoting CO2 Water Source Heat Pumps in Indian Industrial Sector
  • Refrigeration Systems: Optimal Temperature Setpoint Regarding Air Mixing in a HVAC-R System
  • Modeling of Radial and Tangential Roebel Bar Force Distributions in Large Electrical Machines Considering Longitudinal Transposition
  • NH3-CO2 Brine System for Refrigeration at Cold Storages and Seafood Processing Plants in India
  • Semi-analytical Calculation of Field and Loss Distribution in the Tooth Tips of Electrical Machines
  • The Effect of Top Runner Motor (IE3) Regulation in Japan
  • The Market of Electric Motors, Pumps and Fans in the European Union and in Switzerland
  • Pilot Audit Program for Electric Motor-Driven Systems
  • Operation Analysis of an Integrated Linear Flux Modulating Motor for a Direct-Driven Belt Conveyor
  • Performance of Copper Rotor Motor in High-Speed Applications
  • Development and Loss Evaluation of High-Speed PM Synchronous Machine
  • Regulation and Enforcement [Surveillance] Consequences
  • Strategies to Promote Energy-Efficient Compressed Air Systems Among Indian Companies
  • Transformation Program for Low-Efficiency Electric Motors and Market Surveillance Activities in Turkey
  • The Public Energy Efficiency Policies Mapped and Implemented for the Industrial Motor Reconditioning Sector in Brazil
  • Self-Assessment Tool for the Estimation of the Savings Potential of Electric Motor Systems
  • Labelling of Air Compressors – Much More Than Nameplate Data
  • Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Compressed Air Leakages
  • Digitalization in Electric Motor-Driven Systems
  • Calorimetric Efficiency Determination of Power Electronic Variable Speed Drives
  • Round Robin for Converter Losses: Uniform Testing Protocol and Results from Tests in Phase 1
  • Preliminary Results from RR’C 2: Round Robin for Converter Losses, Phase 2
  • Embedded Estimation of Variable Speed Drive Input Current Distortion
  • Comparison of Fixed and Variable Speed Pumps Under Consideration of Manufacturer and Operator Aspects
  • New Composite Containment Shell for Magnetically Driven Pumps
  • Hydraulic System Optimization
  • Comparison of Different Methods to Determine the Per-Phase Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Three-Phase Induction Motors Using IEC Nameplate and Catalogue Data
  • Experimental Study on Three-Phase Induction Motor Performance Under Supply Voltage Unbalance for Star and Delta Connections
  • Conserving Energy in Compressed Air System: Practical Case Studies from Indian Industry
  • Optimizing Pump and Compressor Selection for Energy Efficiency Using True-Weighted Efficiency (TWE)

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