English 1200 Questions to Maximize Your English Power

English 1200 Questions to Maximize Your English Power

English 1200 Questions to Maximize Your English Power

Contents of English 1200 Questions eBook

  • Chapter 1: Punctuation Power-Up
  • Chapter 2: Agreement
  • Chapter 3: Modifiers—Are Yours Misplaced or Dangling?
  • Chapter 4: Sentence Sense
  • Chapter 5: Building Paragraphs from the Ground Up
  • Chapter 6: Acing the Essay
  • Chapter 7: Writing Boot Camp
  • Chapter 8: Literary Response Writing Prompts
  • Chapter 9: Critical Reading

Introduction to 1200 English Questions PDF Book

The Prolific Writer and inventor Benjamin Franklin once said: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” As Franklin astutely pointed out, preparation is the key to success.

English to the Max: 1,200 Practice Questions to Maximize Your English Power prepares you for success by powering up your verbal, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through intensive English review and practice.

Mastering the assignments in this book will help you succeed on many levels: in your language arts classes, on assessment and entrance exams, in the data-driven multimedia college and workplace environment that you will be entering in the near future, and as a lifelong learner.

To help you reach your goals, this handbook offers several features:

  • A streamlined review of punctuation, modifiers, subject-verb agreement, tense agreement, and antecedentpronoun agreement, with practice questions organized at increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Lessons on sentence structure basics and pointers on identifying contextual clues in sentence-completion test questions.
  • Paragraph development lessons with practice exercises targeted at different skill levels.
  • Individualized mini-lessons and writing prompts for three common essay forms—persuasive, expository, and narrative—including essay models and detailed rubrics for scoring.
  • 77 literary response writing prompts for use in timed practice writing sessions.
  • A chapter on essay writing with guidelines for crafting first-rate introductory, supporting, and concluding paragraphs.
  • Arevision checklist for use during essay writing practice.
  • Critical reading passages featuring intensive targeted reading and critical analysis practice.

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