English for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day Learn and Practice 1,000 English Words

English for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day Learn and Practice 1,000 English Words

English for Everyone Junior: 5 Words a Day: Learn and Practice 1,000 English Words by DK

About the book

Discover the perfect introduction to English for children ages 6-9 with this fascinating guide to the English language, which teaches and tests five new words every day, five days a week, over the course of one year.

This language study guide contains everything a child needs to gain a good understanding of the English language in a fun.

  • Teaches more than 1000 commonly used English words
  • Beautiful illustrations accompany the stimulating and entertaining activities
  • Follows the same visual methodology as the rest of the English for All series
  • Organized into clear sections around a topic (eg Games, Food and Drink, School)

From colours, numbers, fruits and games to animals, sports, clothes and weather, every topic in English is covered in eye-catching illustrative detail. Incredibly easy to use, it includes daily ‘Test Yourself’ activities with cleverly designed panels that mask words your child has just learned and help fix these words in their memory.

5 new words a day

This unique study tool encourages parents, teachers, and children to work together as a team to understand all aspects of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

It is suitable as a workbook for children preparing for Cambridge English and Trinity GESE exams. It is also a great resource for teaching English to anyone teaching English lessons to children.

Filled with fun and useful everyday vocabulary, this visual reference book will capture young learners’ imaginations and encourage a love of learning their first English words.

The book introduces your child to 5 new words to learn and practice each day for four days, then tests these words with a variety of interactive exercises on the fifth day. Over the course of one year, your child will acquire a vocabulary of more than 1,000 English words.

Complete the series:

The English for Everyone series is a great study guide for children to take their first steps towards learning English as a foreign language. Practice Phrasal Verbs and Understand Their Meanings in English for Everyone: Phrasal Verbs.

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