English Made Easy Volume One by Crichton and Koster

English Made Easy Volume One by Crichton and Koster

English Made Easy Volume One A New ESL Approach Learning English Through Pictures by Jonathan Crichton and Pieter Koster.

Contents of English Made Easy PDF

  • UNIT 1: What’s your name?
  • UNIT 2: That’d be great!
  • UNIT 3: I’d like you to meet my accountant.
  • UNIT 4: It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
  • UNIT 5: Revision and extension.
  • UNIT 6: Would you like something to drink?
  • UNIT 7: He’s a tour guide.
  • UNIT 8: I’m going to New York.
  • UNIT 9: This one is better.
  • UNIT 10: Revision and extension.
  • UNIT 11: What’s the matter?
  • UNIT 12: I live in a big house.
  • UNIT 13: How much is this purse?
  • UNIT 14: It’s the second street on the left.
  • UNIT 15: Revision and extension.
  • UNIT 16: She bought a cake.
  • UNIT 17: They’re working in the garden.
  • UNIT 18: What’s the time?
  • UNIT 19: You’re not allowed to park here.
  • UNIT 20: Revision and extension.

Introduction to English Made Easy book

This is a book that keeps its promise. It makes learning English easy. People today learn English for a wide variety of purposes.

You may use English in your work, live in an English-speaking country, or be planning to visit one.

Whatever your purpose, English Made Easy is a perfect way to learn basic skills in English language communication.

English Made Easy does not teach grammar. It teaches you how to use English.

Grammar informs the way that the book is structured, but the authors believe that, especially at the beginner level, new students do not need to clutter their learning with grammatical labels and rules.

They learn by observing, discovering and practicing how language is used. English Made Easy uses the universal language of pictures to present language in the contexts in which it is used.

Students learn the meaning of what is written by studying how language is used in the pictures. Real-life social situations are broken down into their simplest parts so that students quickly see how the language works and relate it to their own needs.

It’s actually fun! English Made Easy can be used by an individual student or by a group of learners in a conversation group or classroom with a teacher.

Because students don’t need to know the grammar before they start, it is easy to guide learners through the pages of English Made Easy or for learners to use it for self-study.

The first edition of English Made Easy has been popular with learners and teachers all over the world.

This second edition is even easier to use. It has been improved with some corrections and new information on the introductory page for each unit. The table of contents shows the functions, grammar, and topics covered in each unit.

The first page of each unit outlines what you can expect to learn from the unit.

It includes word lists and a note about the grammar in the unit. This note is for information only and need not be learned by the student.

Some of the units also contain brief fill-in exercises, and every fifth unit provides practice activities for revision and extension.

Answers are provided. The index refers students to the unit in which the word is introduced.

To all our learners, wherever you are and however you use this book, we wish you every success!

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