Essential Grammar in Use 4th Edition with Answers by Raymond Murphy

Essential Grammar in Use 4th Edition with Answers by Raymond Murphy

Essential Grammar in Use Fourth Edition with answers by Raymond Murphy – A self-study reference and practice book for elementary learners of English

To the student (working without a teacher)

This is a grammar book for elementary students of English. There are 115 units in the book and each unit is about a different point of English grammar.

There is a list of units at the beginning of the book (Contents). Do not study all the units in order from beginning to end. It is better to choose the units that you need to do.

For example if you have a problem with the present perfect (/ have been, he has done etc.), study Units 15-20. Use the Contents or the Index (at the back of the book) to find the unit (or units) that you need.

If you are not sure which units you need to study, use the Study guide at the back of the book.

Each unit is two pages. The information is on the left-hand page and the exercises are on the right:

Study the left-hand page (information); and then do the exercises on the right-hand page. Use the Key to check your answers. The Key is on pages 283-309. Study the left-hand page again if necessary

Don’t forget the seven Appendices at the back of the book (pages 243-251). These will give you information about active and passive forms; irregular verbs, short forms; spelling and phrasal verbs.

There are also Additional exercises at the back of the book (pages 252-270). There is a list of these exercises on page 252.

To the teacher

The most important features of this book are:

  • It is a grammar book. It does not deal with other aspects of the language.
  • It is for elementary learners. It does not cover areas of grammar which are not normally taught at elementary level.
  • It is a reference book with exercises. It is not a course book and is not organized progressively.
  • It is addressed to learners and intended for self-study.

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