Fire Service Hydraulics and Pump Operations by Paul Spurgeon

Fire Service Hydraulics and Pump Operations by Paul Spurgeon

Fire Service Hydraulics and Pump Operations by Paul Spurgeon

Over the years, some highly respected people have studied, researched, and written about fi re service hydraulics.

Two books I have studied and learned from are Fire Department Hydraulics by Eugene F. Mahoney and Fire Service Hydraulics by numerous authors, edited by James F. Casey.

These texts have provided much of my knowledge of the subject, but my approach to explaining this science is directed more toward the in-thestreet, practical side of the fi eld. This book is broken down into two sections.

The fi rst section deals with the theory and practice of pencil-sharp hydraulics.

The purpose of this section is to give you, the reader, the basic understanding of water usage in the fi re service . These chapters break down the theories behind hydraulics and how the formulas are derived.

A practical approach of getting water into the pump and then delivered to the fi reground is explained in functional terms.

The second chapter breaks down the equation that every pump operator needs to calculate at every fire.

This is the formula that is at the heart of every pump operation. Special situations such as relay pumping and drafting are also covered

These situations are broken down into how and why they are applied.

These situations may not occur every day, but when they do, you will be expected to know how to handle them.

Not only will the hydraulic calculations be discussed, but why and how these special operations are needed is also addressed.

The math equations presented in the text are straightforward. It is basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and order of operation.

All decimals are rounded to the nearest hundredths place. Fire service hydraulics requires many math calculations.

If you feel that math is not your strong suit, then it may be helpful to review a math book before you study this text. Section II discusses the mechanics behind the equations.

This section details how the pumps push the water through the hoses to the fire.

In chapter 7, the reader will learn a basic approach to the types of pumps and how they are operated. In chapter 8, a pump panel is described so the reader will know what every knob and lever does.

By the end of this section, you will know how to get water into the pump and out again and moved to the fire.

This text gives you a straightforward and clear understanding of fire service hydraulics by using a practical and realistic approach to the subject.

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