Future Intent Based Networking

Future Intent Based Networking

Future Intent Based Networking by Mikhailo Klymash, Mykola Beshley and Andriy Luntovskyy

Contents of Future Intent Based Networking

  • Future Intent-Based Networking for QoE-Driven Business Models
  • Designing HDS Under Considering of QoS Robustness and Security for Heterogeneous IBN
  • Intent-Based Placement of Microservices in Computing Continuums
  • Infrastructure as Code and Microservices for Intent-Based Cloud Networking
  • Intent-Based Adaptation Coordination of Highly Decentralized Networked Self-adaptive Systems
  • Intent-Based Routing in Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networks
  • QoE-Oriented Routing Model for the Future Intent-Based Networking
  • Complex Investigation of the Compromise Probability Behavior in Traffic Engineering Oriented Secure Routing Model in Software-Defined Networks
  • Intelligent Traffic Engineering for Future Intent-Based Software-Defined Transport Network
  • The Approach to Flow Management in Virtual Computational
  • Environment for Up-to-Day Telecom Networks
  • Calculation of Quality Indicators of the Future Multiservice Network
  • Intelligent Detection of DDoS Attacks in SDN Networks
  • Mathematical Methods of Reliability Analysis of the Network
  • Structures: Securing QoS on Hyperconverged Networks for Traffic Anomalies
  • Parametric Analysis of Statistical and Correlation Characteristics of Discrete Processes in Dynamic Systems with Non-stationary
  • Nonlinearities in Time for the Secure Intent-Based Networks
  • Methodology of ISMS Establishment Against Modern Cybersecurity Threats
  • QoE Estimation Methodology for 5G Use Cases Software Implementation Research of Self-similar Traffic
  • Characteristics of Mobile Communication Networks
  • Universal Method of Multidimensional Signal Formation for Any Multiplicity of Modulation in 5G Mobile Network
  • AI-Enabled Blockchain Framework for Dynamic Spectrum Management in Multi-operator 6G Networks
  • Estimation of Energy Efficiency and Quality of Service in Cloud Realizations of Parallel Computing Algorithms for IBN
  • Modeling of 5G Energy Efficiency on Example of Germany as Technological Basis for Intent-Based Networking
  • Methods of Signal Detection and Recognition to Perform Frequency Resource Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Model of Increase of Spectral Efficiency of Use of FrequencyResource of Low-Orbit System with Architecture of the Distributed Satellite
  • Optical Signal Decay and Information Data Loss in Wireless Atmospheric Communication Links with Fading
  • Control Methods Research of Indicators for Intelligent Adaptive Flying Information-Telecommunication Platforms in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Technologies for Building Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems and Methods for Background Subtraction in Video Sequences
  • An Ontological Approach to Detecting Irrelevant and Unreliable Information on Web-Resources and Social Networks
  • Application Peculiarities of Deep Learning Methods in the Problem of Big Datasets Classification

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