Hacking Electronics 2nd Edition by Simon Monk

Hacking Electronics 2nd Edition by Simon Monk

Hacking Electronics Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2nd Edition by Simon Monk.

Hacking Electronics Learning Electronics Contents

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Components 
  3. Basic Hacks
  4. LEDs
  5. Batteries and Power 
  6. Hacking with Arduino
  7. Hacking with Raspberry Pi 
  8. Hacking with Modules 
  9. Hacking with Sensors 
  10. Audio Hacks 
  11. Mending and Breaking Electronics
  12. Tools

Some of the things described in the book that you can make along the way include

  • A smartcard RFID tag reader
  • An Internet-controlled hacked electric toy
  • A device for measuring color
  • An ultrasonic rangefinder
  • A remote control robotic rover
  • An accelerometer-based version of the “egg and spoon” race
  • An audio amplifier
  • A bug made from a hacked MP3 FM transmitter
  • Working brakes and headlights that can be added to a slot car
  • A smart-card reader/spoofer

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