Handbook of Psychology of Investigative Interviewing, Current Developments and Future Directions

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Handbook of Psychology of Investigative Interviewing

PDF Free Download | Handbook of Psychology of Investigative Interviewing, Current Developments and Future Directions by Ray Bull, Tim Valentine, and Tom Williamson

Contents of Psychology of Investigative Interviewing Handbook

  • Chapter 1. The Psychology of Suspects’ Decision-Making during Interrogation.
  • Chapter 2. A Typology of Denial Strategies by Suspects in Criminal Investigations.
  • Chapter 3. A Structured Model for Investigative Interviewing of Suspects.
  • Chapter 4. Finding False Confessions.
  • Chapter 5. The Investigation of Terrorist Offences in the United Kingdom: The Context and Climate for Interviewing Officers.
  • Chapter 6. From Criminal Justice to Control Process: Interrogation in a Changing Context.
  • Chapter 7. Major Crime (Investigative Powers) Act 2004: The Chief Examiner and Coercive Powers.
  • Chapter 8. The Relation between Consistency and Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony: Legal versus. Cognitive Explanations.
  • Chapter 9. The Cognitive Interview: Research and Practice across the Lifespan.
  • Chapter 10. Investigative Interviewing in the Courtroom: Child Witnesses under Cross-Examination.
  • Chapter 11. Recovered Memories.
  • Chapter 12. Obtaining and Interpreting Eyewitness Identification Test Evidence: The Influence of Police–Witness Interactions.
  • Chapter 13. Recent Developments in Eyewitness Identification Procedures in the United Kingdom.
  • Chapter 14. A Method to Enhance Person Description: A Field Study.
  • Chapter 15. Recent Developments in North American Identification Science and Practice.
  • Chapter 16. Truthfulness in Witnesses’ and Suspects’ Reports.
  • Chapter 17. Evaluating Truthfulness: Detecting Truths and Lies in Forensic Contexts.

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