Heavy Duty Truck Systems by Sean Bennett

Heavy Duty Truck Systems by Sean Bennett

Heavy Duty Truck Systems Fifth Edition by Sean Bennett

Contents of Heavy Duty Truck Systems

  • Introduction to Servicing Heavy-Duty Trucks.
  • Shop Safety and Operations.
  • Tools and Fasteners.
  • Maintenance.
  • Fundamentals of Electricity.
  • Fundamentals of Electronics and Computers.
  • Batteries.
  • Charging Systems.
  • Cranking Systems.
  • Chassis Electrical Circuits.
  • Diagnosis and Repair of Electronic Circuits.
  • Multiplexing.
  • Hydraulics fundamentals.
  • Clutches.
  • Standard Transmissions.
  • Standard Transmission Servicing.
  • Torque Converters.
  • Automatic Transmissions.
  • Automatic Transmission Maintenance.
  • Electronically Automated Standard Transmissions.
  • Electronic Automatic Transmissions.
  • Driveshaft Assemblies.
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Axles.
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Service and Repair.
  • Steering and Alignment.
  • Suspension Systems.
  • Wheels and Tires.
  • Truck Brake Systems.
  • Hydraulic and Air-over-Hydraulic Braking Systems.
  • ABS and EBS Braking Systems.
  • Air Brake Servicing.
  • Vehicle Chassis Frame.
  • Heavy Duty Truck Trailers.
  • Fifth Wheels and Coupling Systems.
  • Heavy-Duty HVAC systems. Acronyms. Glossary. Index.

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