How to Design Cars Like a Pro by Tony Lewin and Ryan Borroff

How to Design Cars Like A Pro by Tony Lewin and Ryan Borroff

How to Design Cars Like A Pro New Edition by Tony Lewin and Ryan Borroff

Contents of Design Cars Like A Pro

  • CHAPTER 1 design defined
  • Leading designers talk about their inspirations, their art and their approach CHAPTER 2 from sketch to showroom
  • How studio inspiration turns into street-level reality
  • CHAPTER 3 interiors Design – up close and personal
  • CHAPTER 4 concept cars
  • Showtime specials that fast-forward the future
  • CHAPTER 5 designer profile Jean-Pierre Ploué has restored Citroen’s design vitality: now he must do the same for Peugeot
  • CHAPTER 6 designer’s diary
  • Behind the studio doors with Oliver Le Grice of
  • Land Rover advanced design CHAPTER 7 the design process
  • The nine stages of a car’s creation – from idea to industrialisation
  • CHAPTER 8 what is good design? Professor Dale Harrow, head of vehicle design at
  • London’s Royal College of Art CHAPTER 9 design and identity
  • Why brand identity is essential in today’s multinational world
  • CHAPTER 10 new frontiers in car design
  • New forms of propulsion will allow designers to reshape the automobile CHAPTER 11 change or continuity?
  • Which sells best – a steadily evolving design or one which reinvents itself regularly?
  • CHAPTER 12 student work
  • The designers of tomorrow share their views and their designs
  • CHAPTER 13 tutorials
  • Perspective, tone, rendering, highlights – we get you started on sketching CHAPTER 14 design and the great designers

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