Innovations in Mechanical Engineering by José Machado, Filomena Soares, Justyna Trojanowska, and Erika Ottaviano

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Innovations in Mechanical Engineering

PDF Free Download | Innovations in Mechanical Engineering by José Machado, Filomena Soares, Justyna Trojanowska, and Erika Ottaviano

Contents of Innovations in Mechanical Engineering

  • Machinability of the 18Ni300 Additively Manufactured Maraging Steel Based on Orthogonal Cutting Tests
  • Machining Process Time Series Data Analysis with a Decision Support Tool
  • Stainless Steel Deep Hole Drilling with EDM
  • Experimental Research of the Tribological Properties of D-Gun Sprayed WC – Co Coatings
  • Ball Milled Al Spheres for the Manufacturing of Casting-Based Al-CNT Composites
  • Reliability Estimation of the Solid Lubricated Bearing Based on a General Wiener Process and Its Experimental Validation
  • Study of Thermostable Polyurethane Material Produced by Robotic Milling Machining
  • Reverse Engineering as a Way to Save Environment with-in Patient-Tailored Production of Assistive Technology Devices – Based on Own Hand Exoskeleton Case Study
  • Re-entry Vehicle Structural Optimization for Mass Minimization
  • A Novel Integrated Framework Approach for TEBC Technologies in Distributed Manufacturing Systems: A Systematic Review and Opportunities
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Measures Applied to the Furniture Industry
  • Mathematical Model to Monitory Exposure of People to Occupational Risk in Manual Assembly Processes
  • Cycle Time Reduction in CNC Turning Process Using Six Sigma Methodology – A Manufacturing Case Study
  • Research of Quasi-static Tests and Static Loading on Hybrid Adhesive Bonds
  • Technology Foresight to Enable New R&D Collaboration Partnerships: The Case of a Forestry Company
  • Simulation of Crashworthiness Performance of Thin-Walled Structures with Adapted Trigger Design
  • Study of Heat Transfer Conditions in the Cutting Zone When Grinding
  • Material Selection Guidelines for the Product Designer
  • Hemodynamic Studies in Coronary Artery Models Manufactured by 3D Printing
  • Optimization of the Flowing Part of the Turbine K-310-240 Based on the Object-Oriented Approach
  • Collaborative Mass Customization of Footwear: Conceptualization of a Three-Stage Holistic Model
  • A Case Study on Scheduling of Repairs in an Automobile Shop
  • Design Methodology for the Research and Development of Polygonal Artefacts
  • Possibility of Reaction Mixture Variable Composition Identification in Semi-batch Reactor
  • An Innovative Textile Product Proposal Based on Sustainability: Recycling Wastes from the Wool Industry
  • Global Knowledge Generation Hotspots: An Overview from Technological Tendencies in Biotechnology
  • Modelling of Thermal Properties and Temperature Evolution of Cork Composites During Moulding Process: Model Development
  • Pick-Up and Placement Improvement: An Industrial Case Study
  • Acoustic Performance of Some Lined Dissipative Silencers
  • Application of Advanced Co-Simulation Technology for the Analysis of Grasping
  • Chalala: Conscious Fashion Towards the Re-innovation of Santander’s Weaving Tradition
  • Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management Model of a Laboratory Testing Service Enterprise
  • Textile Yarn Winding and Unwinding System
  • TAB-Med: Automated Pill Dispenser in Residential Environments

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