Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks

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Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks

PDF Free Download | Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks by G. Rajakumar, Ke-Lin Du, Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, and Grigorios N. Beligiannis

Contents of Intelligent Communication Technologies eBook

  • Implementation of Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection System
  • Selection of a Rational Composition of İnformation Protection Means Using a Genetic Algorithm
  • Classification of Breast Cancer Using CNN and Its Variant
  • Systematic Approach for Network Security Using Ethical Hacking Technique
  • Analysis of Modulation Techniques for Short Range V2V Communication
  • Security Requirement Analysis of Blockchain-Based E-Voting Systems
  • OTP-Based Smart Door Opening System
  • Tourist Spot Recognition Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Heart Disease Predictive Analysis Using Association Rule Mining
  • Cluster-Enabled Optimized Data Aggregation Technique for WSN
  • Recreating Poompuhar Ancient History Using Virtual Reality
  • Dynamic Energy Efficient Load Balancing Approach in Fog Computing Environment
  • Sentiment Analysis Using CatBoost Algorithm on COVID-19 Tweets
  • Analysis and Classification of Abusive Textual Content Detection in Online Social Media
  • A Survey of Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna Structures for Current Communication Systems
  • Survey on Wideband MIMO Antenna Design for 5G Applications
  • Transprecision Gaussian Average Background Modelling Technique for Multi-vehicle Tracking Applications
  • Spam Message Filtering Based on Machine Learning Algorithms and BERT
  • Li-Fi: A Novel Stand-In for Connectivity and Data Transmission in Toll System
  • Classification of ECG Signal for Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection Using GAN Method
  • Classifying Pulmonary Embolism Cases in Chest CT Scans Using VGG16 and XGBoost
  • User Credibility-Based Trust Model for 5G Wireless Networks
  • Advanced Signature-Based Intrusion Detection System
  • A Survey on Detection of Cyberbullying in Social Media Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • A Comparison of Similarity Measures in an Online Book Recommendation System
  • Novel Approach for Improving Security and Confidentiality of PHR in Cloud Using Public Key Encryption
  • Sentimental Analysis (SA) of Employee Job Satisfaction from Twitter Message Using Flair Pytorch (FP) Method
  • Automatic Detection of Musical Note Using Deep Learning Algorithms
  • A Survey of Deep Q-Networks used for Reinforcement Learning: State of the Art
  • Smart Glass for Visually Impaired Using Mobile App
  • An Effective Feature Selection and Classification Technique Based on Ensemble Learning for Dyslexia Detection
  • Spice Yield Prediction for Sustainable Food Production Using Neural Networks
  • IoT-Based Smart Healthcare Monitoring System: A Prototype Approach
  • Sustainability of CEO and Employee Compensation Divide: Evidence from USA
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Smartphone Use and Adolescent Well-Being: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Smart Contracts-Based Trusted Crowdfunding Platform
  • Seizure and Drowsiness Detection Using ICA and ANN
  • Comparative Study of Tomato Crop Disease Detection System Using Deep Learning Techniques
  • A Tool for Study on Impact of Big Data Technologies on Firm Performance

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