Introduction to AutoCAD 2022 for Civil Engineering Applications

Introduction to AutoCAD 2022 for Civil Engineering Applications

Introduction to AutoCAD 2022 for Civil Engineering Applications: Learning to use AutoCAD for Civil Engineering Projects 1st Edition by Nighat Yasmin

About the Book

There’s an old saying that says an engineer explains every idea using a drawing. With the advancements in technology for computers as well as drawing programs, it’s never been simpler or more essential to master computer-aided design.

For it to be successful drawing must accurately communicate your meaning , and this involves more than simply being able to utilize software.

This book will provide you with detailed information on the principles of engineering graphics, as well as the application of AutoCAD 2022 when they relate specifically to applications in civil engineering.

The combination of theory and its application in practice will equip you with the knowledge and abilities needed to design drawings that are precise and understandable by other people.

Every chapter begins with an organized list of the chapter’s objectives, then follows an introduction. This gives you an overview of the subject matter to be covered in the chapter.

The chapters are divided into clearly defined sections with step-by-step directions and illustrations that will aid you in understanding the different AutoCAD commands.

In addition, you’ll also be taught the reasons and how you can employ AutoCAD in real-world projects.

Main Parts of this book:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD 2022 ribbon interface
  • Dimensioning and tolerancing using AutoCAD 2022
  • Use of AutoCAD in land survey data plotting
  • The use of AutoCAD in hydrology
  • Transportation engineering and AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD and architecture technology
  • Introduction to working drawings
  • Plotting from AutoCAD
  • External Reference Files – Xref
  • Suggested drawing problems
  • Bibliography

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