JavaScript Projects for Kids by Syed Towaha

JavaScript Projects for Kids by Syed Towaha

JavaScript Projects for Kids by Syed Omar Faruk Towaha.

Preface to JavaScript Projects for Kids PDF

As you can guess from the title of the book,
this book is designed and set up for kids so that they can teach themselves
JavaScript and create some projects using JavaScript.

By abstracting the core
web programming in an unparalleled way, JavaScript changed websites and web
apps forever.

Boring static websites and noninteractive websites have now
become quite awesome with the touch of JavaScript.

Using JavaScript, you can
develop web applications, even smartphone applications too, quickly without
compromising quality.

You can be very productive and deal with almost no
configuration on your hardware and software if you start playing with

Please remember that this is not a reference book, but you can
learn every basic concepts of JavaScript from it.

So, for the kids aged 10 and
above, this will be a perfect book to discover the world of JavaScript.

Contents of JavaScript Projects for Kids PDF

1. Exploring JavaScript in the Console

  • Installing Google Chrome
  • Installing Atom
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • Our first program
  • Why do we use Chrome Developer Tools?
  • Why do we use Atom as the text editor?
  • Exercise
  • Summary

2. Solving Problems Using JavaScript

  • Variables
  • Comments
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Modulus
  • More operators and operations
  • Increment or decrement operators
  • Assignment operators
  • JavaScript comparison and logical operators
  • Summary

3. Introducing HTML and CSS

  • HTML
  • Your first webpage
  • More HTML tags
  • Coloring HTML text
  • Linking HTML text
  • Inserting an image
  • CSS
  • JavaScript on an HTML page
  • Summary

4. Diving a Bit Deeper

  • JavaScript methods
  • HTML buttons and form
  • Buttons
  • Form
  • If statement
  • Switch-case
  • Exercise
  • Loops
  • The for loop
  • Exercise
  • The while loop
  • Exercise
  • Summary

5. Ahoy! Sailing into Battle

  • The HTML part
  • The CSS part
  • The JavaScript part
  • The final code
  • Summary

6. Exploring the Benefits of jQuery

  • Installing jQuery
  • Explaining the code
  • Going deeper
  • The load() method
  • The keyup() and keydown() methods
  • The change() method
  • The blur() and focus() methods
  • The resize() method
  • The scroll() method
  • Summary

7. Introducing the Canvas

  • Implementing canvas
  • Adding JavaScript
  • Drawing a rectangle
  • Drawing a line
  • A quick exercise
  • Drawing a circle
  • Draw linear gradient
  • A quick exercise
  • Let’s make a clock!
  • Summary

8. Building Rat-man!

  • Game user interface
  • Adding functionalities to the game
  • The app.main.js file
  • The app.display_functions.js file
  • The app.init.js file
  • Images for Rat-man!
  • The monsters folder
  • The player folder
  • The portal folder
  • The walls folder
  • Adding images to our cats
  • Draw the canvas
  • The app.key_handler.js file
  • The app.movement_functions.js file
  • The app.constants.js file
  • Playing the game
  • Summary

9. Tidying up Your Code Using OOP

  • Inheritance in JavaScript
  • Encapsulation in JavaScript
  • Dissecting Hangman
  • Summary

10. Possibilities

  • JavaScript as your first programming language
  • JavaScript is everywhere
  • JavaScript developer as profession
  • All chores can be done by JavaScript
  • Robotics
  • 3D games
  • Making apps for your smartphones
  • Running web servers
  • Running Ruby and Python
  • Writing OS-independent desktop applications
  • Web scraping and screenshotting
  • Web analytics
  • Responsive and interactive contents
  • Animation
  • Creating cookies
  • Awesome JavaScript examples
  • Summary

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