Journeyman Electrician Exam Prep 2023 by Jason F.E. Mercer

Journeyman Electrician Exam Prep 2023 by Jason F.E. Mercer

Journeyman Electrician Exam Prep 2022 – 2023: Study Guide with Test Preparation Questions, Answers and Study Secrets by Castleport Electrical Exam Prep Team, and Jason F.E. Mercer

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. Electrical Systems
    • Eligibility criteria, When and Where Can You Take It? What does Exam cover? How to prepare. Tips. How to study. Practice Exam Answer sheet The night before exam Examination Day.
  • Chapter 2. Electric Circuits
    • General Considerations System Description – Wires And Cables, Connection Boxes For Electrical Outlets, Cable Attachments And Interface Gadgets, Needed Requirements From Regulators.
  • Chapter 3. Branch Circuits And Feeders
    • Electric circuits, Electrical Network, Types of electric circuits, Differences Between Linear and Nonlinear Circuits, One-Way and, Two-Way Circuits, Electrical Networks and Circuits: Related Concepts.
  • Chapter 4. Wire Connections And Grounding Of Wiring Devices
    • Branch circuit and feeders’ requirements, Branch circuit ratings, Required branch circuits, Cooking equipments and, application demand loads, Review questions.
  • Chapter 5. Electric Services
    • Knob and tube wiring, Electrical wiring system and methods of Wiring system, Types of,,, electrical wiring, Ungrounded Conductor (Hot), sGrounded neutral Conductor, Multi-wire Branch Circuit, Push-In Terminations ,induction Heating, How to prevent induction heating, Combination wiring devices, Review Questions.
  • Chapter 6. Electrical Drawings And Diagrams
    • service drop, service entry, Service conductors, service equipment, service lateral.
  • Chapter 7. Overcurrent Protection
    • Electrical Drawings, Electrical Diagrams, Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment, Symbols for electrical construction designs, Device function numbers, Number-Device Name, Prefixes, SUFFIX LETTERS, Circuit Drawings and wirings, Activity.
  • Chapter 8. Measuring And Testing
    • Indicators and Voltage Testers, Clamp meters, Insulation resistance meters, RCD meters, Multifunction meters, Testers and meters of electrical installations, Review
  • Chapter 9. Method And Safety In Electrical Wiring
    • Different Ways Of Interconnecting Electrical Systems, Electrical System Cable Length, Preventing And Putting Out Fires, Power And Ampacity Of Cables, Substantial Features And Uses For Electrical Wiring Pathway Systems, Terrestrial Tracks:, Exercise Questions

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