Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva

Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva

PDF Free Download|Kotlin for Android Developers Learn Kotlin the easy way while developing an Android App by Antonio Leiva.

Author of Kotlin for Android Developers PDF

Antonio Leiva is an Android Engineer who spends time learning about new ways to get the most out of Android and then writes about it.

He writes a blog at antonioleiva.com1, focused on helping other Android developers learn Kotlin. He also leads intensive live workshops, where all the information from this book is put into practice.

In 10 hours, people steps from no Kotlin knowledge to be able to create their own apps from scratch.

Antonio started as a consultant in CRM technologies, but after some time, looking for his real passion, he discovered the Android world.

After getting some experience on such an awesome platform, he started a new adventure at a mobile company, where he led several projects for important Spanish companies.

He now works as an Android Engineer at Plex2, where he also plays an important role in the design and UX of the Android applications.

Preface to Kotlin for Android Developers eBook

Hey! Thanks so much for your interest in this book, I’m really glad you decided to become a Kotlin for Android expert.

Many things have happened since I started writing “Kotlin for Android Developers” in mid-2015. At that point, Kotlin was still in an early access edition. But I felt so much power in the language, that I decided to explain all that I was learning in a book.

Since then, the language has kept growing to the point that Google announced that they would start supporting Kotlin as an official language to develop Android Apps.

This was amazing news. But it was even more amazing that both Google and Jetbrains suggested this book to Android developers that want to learn the language.

As you may know, this is a lean publication. This means that the book grew and progressed thanks to the reader’s comments. So I can only thank you for helping me bring this dream to life.

What is Kotlin for Android Developers about

In this book, I’ll be creating an Android app from the ground up using Kotlin as the main language. The idea is to learn the language by example, instead of following a regular reference book structure.

I’ll be stopping to explain the most interesting concepts and ideas about Kotlin, comparing them to Java 6. This way, you can see what the differences are and which parts of the language will help you speed up your work.

This book is not meant to be a language reference, but a tool for Android developers to learn Kotlin and be able to continue with their own projects by themselves.

I’ll be solving many of the most recurring problems we have to face in our daily lives as App developers, by making use of Kotlin expressiveness and some other really interesting tools and libraries.

However, this text covers most Kotlin features, so by the end of the reading, you will have deep knowledge about the language.

The content is very practical, so I recommend you to follow the examples and the code in front of a computer and try everything it’s suggested.

You could, however, take a first read to get a broad idea and then dive into practice. Even though this book now finished, I will review it from time to time to keep it up to date with new Kotlin versions.

So feel free to write and tell me what you think about the book, or what could be improved. I want this book to be the perfect tool for Android developers, and as such, help and ideas will be welcomed.

Kotlin for Android Developers Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting ready
  3. Create a new project in Android Studio
  4. Classes and functions
  5. Writing your first class
  6. Variables and properties
  7. Anko and Extension Functions
  8. Retrieving data from API
  9. Data Classes
  10. Parsing data
  11. Operator overloading
  12. Making the forecast list clickable
  13. Lambdas
  14. Visibility Modifiers
  15. Kotlin Android Extensions
  16. Application Singleton and Delegated Properties
  17. Creating an SQLiteOpenHelper
  18. Collections and functional operations
  19. Saving and requesting data from a database
  20. Null safety in Kotlin
  21. Creating the business logic to data access
  22. Flow control and ranges
  23. Creating a Detail Activity
  24. Interfaces and Delegation
  25. Generics
  26. Settings Screen
  27. The first walk into coroutines
  28. Testing your App
  29. Extra concepts
  30. Conclusion

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