Learn SOLIDWORKS Second Edition by Tayseer Almattar

Learn SOLIDWORKS Second Edition by Tayseer Almattar

Learn SOLIDWORKS: Get up to speed with key concepts and tools to become an accomplished SOLIDWORKS Associate and Professional, 2nd Edition by Tayseer Almattar

Table of contents

  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS
  • Interface and Navigation
  • SOLIDWORKS 2D Sketching Basics
  • Special Sketching Commands
  • Basic Primary One-Sketch Features
  • Basic Secondary Multi-Sketch Features
  • Materials and Mass Properties
  • Standard Assembly Mates
  • Introduction to Engineering Drawing
  • Basic SOLIDWORKS Drawing Layout and Annotations
  • Bills of Materials
  • Advanced SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Core Features
  • Equations, Configurations, and Design Tables
  • SOLIDWORKS Assemblies and Advanced Mates
  • Advanced SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Competencies

Who this book is for?

This book is for aspiring engineers, designers, makers, animators, and hobbyists looking to get started with SOLIDWORKS and explore the software. Individuals who wish to become Certified SOLIDWORKS Partners (CSWAs) or Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals (CSWPs) will also find this book useful. No specific background is needed to follow the concepts presented in the book as it starts from the basics of SOLIDWORKS. However, a basic theoretical knowledge of 3D modeling will be beneficial to get the most out of this book.

What you will learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS and parametric modeling
  • Create professional 2D sketches as bases for 3D models using simple and advanced modeling techniques
  • Use SOLIDWORKS drawing tools to generate standard engineering drawings
  • Evaluate mass properties and materials for designing parts and assemblies
  • Join different parts together to form static and dynamic assemblies
  • Discover expert tips and tricks to generate different part and assembly configurations for your mechanical designs

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