Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition by D Roy Choudhury

Linear Integrated Circuits 2nd Edition by D Roy Choudhury

Linear Integrated Circuit Second Edition by D Roy Choudhury

Contents of Linear Integrated Circuit Book

  • Integrated Circuit Fabrication
  • Operational Amplifier   
  • Operational Amplifier Characteristics
  • Operational Amplifier Applications
  • Comparators and Waveform Generators
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Active Filters
  • 555 Timer
  • Phase-Locked Loops
  • D-A and A-D Converters

Primarily designed for courses in Operational Amplifier and Linear Integrated Circuits for students of Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation,

Computer Engineering and Applied Sciences. Includes detailed coverage of integrated circuit manufacturing technology.

Basic principles of operational amplifier, internal construction and applications are discussed.

Important linear Ics transformers such as timer 555, phase closed loop 565, linear voltage regulator Ics 78/79 Xx and 723 D-A and A-D transformers are discussed in individual chapters.

Every topic is covered in depth. A large number of solved problems, review questions and experiments are presented with each chapter for a better understanding of the text. Salient Features of Second Edition

Additional information provided where necessary to improve understanding of Linear Ics. Chapter 2 has been thoroughly revised.

The AC and AC current analysis of the differential amplifier is discussed in detail.

The section on current mirrors has been thoroughly updated. Added more solved examples, Pspice programs, and answers to specific problems.

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