Lineare Algebra Analytische und numerische Behandlungen by Horst Niemeyer and Edgar Wermuth

Lineare Algebra Analytische und numerische Behandlungen

Lineare Algebra Analytische und numerische Behandlungen by Horst Niemeyer and Edgar Wermuth

Contents of Lineare Algebra eBook

  • Die euklidischen Vektorräume ℝ2 und ℝ3
  • Vektorräume, lineare Abbildungen, Matrizen
  • Lineare Abbildungen und Matrizen
  • Lineare Gleichungssysteme, Determinanten
  • Skalarprodukte, Normen, Orthogonale Transformationen
  • Numerische Verfahren zur Lösung linearer Gleichungssysteme
  • Eigenwertprobleme und Normalformen
  • Numerische Verfahren zur Lösung von Eigenwertproblemen

About the book

The series is intended to offer as complete a range of textbooks and workbooks as possible provide the necessary for the engineer in college and business represent basic mathematical knowledge and through additional volumes on special areas and complete annotated bibliographical references.

Different from the traditional one Literature, this series connects the methods of analysis directly with those of numerics with the aim of making mathematics more tangible, application-oriented and primarily to be presented in a computer-oriented manner.

Since there are hardly any areas of engineering activity without the use of computers, this fact must also be taken into account in the mathematical education of the engineer.

This is attempted in this series by computer-based numerical methods that bridge the gap between the higher represent mathematics and the calculator, an equally wide space is granted like the classic fabric.

The individual volumes of the series are coordinated in terms of content, didactic structure, terminology and external design to make working with to facilitate the turn.

The text is accompanied by numerous calculated examples. The numerical points of view are applied to some major technical problems clarified.

Programmable algorithms and decision-making aids for the selection of the appropriate method are given. At the end of each chapter are still strategically important tasks put together, the solutions on given at the end of each volume.

The band also leaves this concept particularly suitable for self-study. Because of the uniform structure in the series the orientation over a larger part of mathematics for engineers facilitated, is also a (only secondarily intended) use of the gang possible as a reference work.

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