Materials Technologies and Practice in Historic Heritage Structures by Maria Bostenaru Dan.pdf

Materials, Technologies And Practice In Historic Heritage Structures

Materials Technologies and Practice in Historic Heritage Structures by Maria Bostenaru Dan

Contents of Materials Technologies and Practice in Historic Heritage Structures

  • Part I Adobe and Bricks
  • Technology of Rammed-Earth Constructions Tapial in Andalusia Spain): Their Restoration and Conservation
  • Ancient Clay Bricks: Manufacture and Properties
  • The Temples in Vietnam: Construction Techniques and Structural Issues
  • Part II Natural Stone
  • The White and Coloured Marbles of the Roman Theatre of Copia Cosenza, Italy
  • Black “Marble”: The Characteristic Material in the Baroque
  • Architecture of Cracow Poland
  • Understanding the Long-Term Survival of Sandstone in Medieval Ecclesiastical Structures: Northern Ireland and Western Scotland
  • The City of Dresden in the Mirror of its Building Stones:
  • Utilization of Natural Stone at Façades in the Course of Time
  • Determination of Source Areas of Natural Stones: A Methodology
  • Approach Applied to Impure Crystalline Limestones
  • In Situ Methods of Testing Stone Monuments and the
  • Application of Nondestructive Physical Properties Testing in Masonry Diagnosis
  • Part III Binders, Concrete and Mixed Materials
  • The Use of Lime Mortars in Restoration
  • Work on Architectural Heritage
  • The Basilica of Maxentius and Its Construction Materials
  • Characterization of Ancient Pozzolanic Mortars from Roman
  • Times to the the Century: Compatibility Issues of New
  • Mortars with Substrates and Ancient Mortars
  • Roman Cements: Key Materials of the Built Heritage of the Century
  • Historic Mortars and Plasters as a Material for Age Determination
  • Danuta Nawrocka, Tomasz Goslar and Anna Pazdur
  • Reinforced Concrete Constructions at the Beginning of the
  • The Century: Historical Review and Structural Assessment
  • Part IV Monitoring the Seismic Risk
  • Heritage Masonry Buildings and Reduction of Seismic Risk:
  • The Case of Slovenia
  • Acoustic Emission Monitoring of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca Spain

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