Math in the Time of Corona by Alice Wonders

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Math in the Time of Corona by Alice Wonders

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Contents of Math in the Time of Corona eBook

  • Things Lost and Won During the Plague
  • Has the coronavirus affected the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize?
  • Intensive Collaborative Work on COVID-19 Modeling
  • The Home-Field Paradox
  • Data Analysis and Predictive Mathematical Modeling for COVID-19 Epidemic Studies
  • A View from Lockdown: Mathematics Discovered, Invented, and Inherited
  • Exponentials and the Virus
  • The Consolation of Math in Plague Time
  • Singularities at Home, Unofficial Observations
  • An Essay in the Time of Corona
  • Truth by Close Proximity
  • A Teacher and an Administrator in the Time of Corona
  • Ups and Downs
  • Off Line from No Line to On Line
  • Dodging a Bullet
  • The Co-Video Mathematician
  • What you always wanted to know about …  exponential growth
  • Glass and Lace
  • Covid-19 Analytics: Proposed Projects for Undergraduate Research
  • The Optimal Lockdown Strategy Against Virus Propagation and Economic Loss
  • Research Seminars: A New Hope
  • Mathematics Indicates That an HIV-Style Strategy Could Be Applied to Manage the Coronavirus
  • Orchestral Turbulence
  • Applied Mathematics in the Time of Corona: A Survival Guide
  • Glimpses at Corona: La Boqueria and Notre Dame
  • Soap Bubbles Vanitas Venice
  • Thoughts at the Time of an Epidemic
  • Dancing on Stilts
  • Public Engagement 280 Characters at a Time
  • Three Stories on the Importance of Putting It on the Back Burner
  • Solitude Is Conducive to Work and Contemplation
  • Counting Syllables, Shaping Poems: Reflections
  • Experimental Math Outreach and Popularization During COVID-19
  • Counting Heads: Individual-Based Models of Disease Dynamics

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