Mathematical Physics Second Edition

Mathematical Physics Second Edition

Mathematical Physics Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers Second Edition by Bruce R. Kusse and ErikA. Westwig

Contents of Mathematical Physics eBook

  • A Review of Vector and Matrix Algebra Using
  • Subscript Summation Conventions
  • Notation
  • Vector Operations
  • Differential and Integral Operations on Vector and Scalar Fields
  • Plotting Scalar and Vector Fields
  • Integral Operators
  • Differential Operations
  • Integral Definitions of the Differential Operators
  • The Theorems
  • Curvilinear Coordinate Systems
  • The Position Vector
  • The Cylindrical System
  • The Spherical System
  • General Curvilinear Systems
  • The Gradient Divergence and Curl in Cylindrical and Spherical Systems
  • Introduction to Tensors
  • The Conductivity Tensor and Ohm’s Law
  • General Tensor Notation and Terminology
  • Transformations Between Coordinate Systems
  • Tensor Diagonalization
  • Tensor Transformations in Curvilinear Coordinate Systems
  • Pseudo-Objects
  • The Dirac &Function
  • Examples of Singular Functions in Physics
  • Two Definitions of &t)
  • Functions with Complicated Arguments
  • Integrals and Derivatives of (t)
  • Singular Density Functions
  • The Infinitesimal Electric Dipole
  • Riemann Integration and the Dirac &Function
  • Introduction to Complex Variables
  • A Complex Number Refresher
  • Functions of a Complex Variable
  • Derivatives of Complex Functions
  • The Cauchy Integral Theorem
  • Contour Deformation
  • The Cauchy Integrd Formula
  • Taylor and Laurent Series
  • The Complex Taylor Series
  • The Complex Laurent Series
  • The Residue Theorem
  • Definite Integrals and Closure
  • Conformal Mapping

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