Mathematics of Bioinformatics Theory, Practice, and Applications

Mathematics of Bioinformatics Theory, Practice, and Applications

Mathematics of Bioinformatics Theory, Practice, and Applications by Matthew He and Sergey Petoukhov

Contents of Mathematics of Bioinformatics eBook

  • Bioinformatics and Mathematics
  • Genetic Code and Mathematics
  • Mathematical Background
  • Converting Data to Knowledge
  • The Big Picture: Informatics
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Genetic Codes, Matrices, and Symmetrical Techniques
  • Matrix Theory and Symmetry Preliminaries
  • Genetic Codes and Matrices
  • Genetic Matrices, Hydrogen Bonds, and the Golden Section
  • Symmetrical Patterns, Molecular Genetics, and Bioinformatics
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Biological Sequences, Sequence Alignment, and Statistics
  • Mathematical Sequences
  • Sequence Alignment
  • Sequence Analysis and Further Discussion
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Structures of DNA and Knot Theory
  • Knot Theory Preliminaries
  • DNA Knots and Links
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Protein Structures, Geometry, and Topology
  • Computational Geometry and Topology Preliminaries
  • Protein Structures and Prediction
  • Statistical Approach and Discussion
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Biological Networks and Graph Theory
  • Graph Theory Preliminaries and Network Topology
  • Models of Biological Networks
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Biological Systems, Fractals, and Systems Biology
  • Fractal Geometry Preliminaries
  • Fractal Geometry in Biological Systems
  • Systems Biology
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Matrix Genetics, Hadamard Matrices, and Algebraic Biology
  • Genetic Matrices and the Degeneracy of the Genetic Code
  • The Genetic Code and Hadamard Matrices
  • Genetic Matrices and Matrix Algebras of
  • Hypercomplex Numbers
  • Some Rules of Evolution of Variants of the Genetic Code
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Bioinformatics, Denotational Mathematics, and Cognitive Informatics
  • Emerging Pattern, Dissipative Structure, and
  • Evolving Cognition
  • Denotational Mathematics and Cognitive Computing
  • Challenges and Perspectives
  • Evolutionary Trends and Central Dogma of Informatics
  • Evolutionary Trends of Information Sciences
  • Central Dogma of Informatics
  • Challenges and Perspectives

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