MATLAB For Dummies by Jim Sizemore and John Paul Mueller

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MATLAB For Dummies by Jim Sizemore and John Paul Mueller

PDF Free Download | MATLAB For Dummies A Wiley Brand by Jim Sizemore and John Paul Mueller .

Introduction to MATLAB For Dummies eBook

MATLAB is an amazing product that helps you perform math-related tasks of all sorts using the same techniques that you’d use if you were performing the task manually (using pencil and paper, slide rule, or abacus if necessary, but more commonly using a calculator).

However, MATLAB makes it possible to perform these tasks at a speed that only a computer can provide. In addition, using MATLAB reduces errors, streamlines many tasks, and makes you more efficient.

However, MATLAB is also a big product that has a large number of tools and a significant number of features that you might never have used in the past.

For example, instead of simply working with numbers, you now have the ability to plot them in a variety of ways that help you better communicate the significance of your data to other people. In order to get the most from MATLAB, you really need a book like MATLAB For Dummies.

About This MATLAB For Dummies PDF Book
The main purpose of MATLAB For Dummies is to reduce the learning curve that is a natural part of using a product that offers as much as MATLAB does.

When you first start MATLAB, you might become instantly overwhelmed by everything you see. This book helps you get past that stage and become productive quickly so that you can get back to performing amazing feats of math wizardry.

In addition, this book is designed to introduce you to techniques that you might not know about or even consider because you haven’t been exposed to them before. For example, MATLAB provides a rich plotting environment that not only helps you communicate better but also makes it possible to present numeric information in a manner that helps others see your perspective.

Using scripts and functions will also reduce the work you do even further and this book shows you how to create custom code that you can use to customize the environment to meet your specific needs.

After you’ve successfully installed MATLAB on whatever computer platform you’re using, you start with the basics and work your way up.

By the time you finish working through the examples in this book, you’ll be able to perform a range of simple tasks in MATLAB that include writing scripts, writing functions, creating plots, and performing advanced equation solving.

No, you won’t be an expert, but you will be able to use MATLAB to meet specific needs in the job environment.

Beyond the MATLAB For Dummies Book
This book isn’t the end of your MATLAB experience, it’s really just the beginning. We provide online content to make this book more flexible and better able to meet your needs.

That way, as we receive an email from you, we can address questions and tell you how updates to either MATLAB or its associated add-ons affect book content. In fact, you gain access to all these cool additions:

Cheatsheet: You remember using crib notes in school to make a better mark on a test, don’t you? You do? Well, a cheat sheet is sort of like that. It provides you with some special notes about tasks that you can do with MATLAB that not every other person knows.

You can find the cheat sheet for this book at It contains really neat information such as the keyboard shortcuts that you use most often to speed MATLAB use. online articles: A lot of readers were skipping past the parts pages in For Dummies books, so the publisher decided to remedy that. You now have a really good reason to read the parts pages online content.

Every parts page has an article associated with it that provides additional interesting information that wouldn’t fit in the book. You can find the articles for this book at extras/Matlab.

Updates: Sometimes changes happen. For example, we might not have seen an upcoming change when we looked into our crystal balls during the writing of this book. In the past, this possibility simply meant that the book became outdated and less useful, but you can now find updates to the book at

In addition to these updates, check out the blog posts with answers to reader questions and demonstrations of useful book-related techniques at

Companion files: Hey! Who really wants to type all the code in the book and reconstruct all those plots by hand? Most readers would prefer to spend their time actually working with MATLAB and seeing the interesting things it can do, rather than typing.

Fortunately for you, the examples used in the book are available for download, so all you need to do is read the book to learn MATLAB usage techniques. You can find these files at

Contents of MATLAB eBook

Part I: Getting Started With MATLAB

  • Chapter 1: Introducing MATLAB and Its Many Uses
  • Chapter 2: Starting Your Copy of MATLAB
  • Chapter 3: Interacting with MATLAB
  • Chapter 4: Starting, Storing, and Saving MATLAB Files

Part II: Manipulating and Plotting Data in MATLAB

  • Chapter 5: Embracing Vectors, Matrices, and Higher Dimensions
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Plotting Basics
  • Chapter 7: Using Advanced Plotting Features

Part III: Streamlining MATLAB

  • Chapter 8: Automating Your Work
  • Chapter 9: Expanding MATLAB’s Power with Functions
  • Chapter 10: Adding Structure to Your Scripts

Part IV: Employing Advanced MATLAB Techniques

  • Chapter 11: Importing and Exporting Data
  • Chapter 12: Printing and Publishing Your Work
  • Chapter 13: Recovering from Mistakes

Part V: Specific MATLAB Applications

  • Chapter 14: Solving Equations and Finding Roots
  • Chapter 15: Performing Analysis
  • Chapter 16: Creating Super Plots

Part VI: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 17: Top Ten Uses of MATLAB
  • Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Make a Living Using MATLAB
  • Appendix A: MATLAB Functions
  • Appendix B: MATLAB’s Plotting Routines

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All books on this website are published in good faith and for educational information purpose only. So, we ask you to report us any copyrighted material published in our website and we will remove it immediately.