Metal-Matrix Composites Advances in Processing, Characterization, Performance and Analysis

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Metal-Matrix Composites

PDF Free Download | Metal-Matrix Composites Advances in Processing, Characterization, Performance and Analysis by T. S. Srivatsan, Pradeep K. Rohatgi, Simona Hunyadi Murph

Contents of Metal-Matrix Composites eBook

  • Part I Aluminum Metal-Matrix Composite Materials
  • The Abrasive Wear Behavior of In Situ Processed Aluminum Alloy Metal-Matrix Composites
  • A Comparative Study of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nanoplatelets on Structure-Property Relationship of Aluminium
  • Matrix Composites Synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering
  • Application of Triboinformatics Approach in Tribological Studies of Aluminum Alloys and Aluminum-Graphite Metal Matrix Composites
  • Recent Advances in Aluminium-Based Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites: A Review
  • The Damping Capacity and SlidingWear Behavior of an Aluminum
  • Alloy Metal Matrix Composite: Role of Reinforcement
  • Part II Additive Manufacturing and Processing of Composite Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composites for Structural and Biomedical Applications
  • An Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Additively
  • Manufactured Regolith Reinforced Titanium Alloy [Ti Al V]
  • Development of Coating Methods of Fiber Reinforced for Different
  • Matrix Composites for Industrial Applications
  • Manufacturing of Nano-Reinforced Aluminium Composites By a Combination of Stir Mixing, Ultrasonic Processing, and High-Pressure Die Casting
  • Part III Design and Development of Metal-Based Composite Materials
  • Investigation of Fine-Scale Microstructure and Mechanical
  • Behavior of Al-Mg-B and Al-Mg-Cd Composites for Intergranular
  • Corrosion Protection Applications
  • Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Economic and Technological
  • Development from the Use of Metal Matrix Composites
  • Development of Zirconia Toughend Nanocomposites Using the Technique of Spark Plasma Sintering: Role of Reinforcement
  • Use of Three-Dimensional Finite Elements to Simulate Morphology of Chip During Turning of an Aluminum Alloy Composite
  • Metal Matrix Composite Development Using Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing
  • Part IV Self-Healing Composite Materials and Other Composites
  • Shape-Selective Palladium and Palladium-Composite Nanomaterials
  • Solidification Processing of Functionally Graded Metal Matrix Composites
  • Role and Potential of Copper Nanocomposites for Use in Power and Electrical Systems: An Overview
  • Recent Advances in Self-healing Metal Matrix Composites
  • Tribological Response of Magnesium/Glass Microballoon Syntactic Foams
  • Part V Techniques Related to Metal-Based Composite Materials
  • Effects of Oxide Ceramic Addition on Biocompatibility of Titanium
  • Novel Nanophotocatalysts for Detection and Remediation of Contaminated Ecosystems
  • Engineered Nano-antenna Susceptor as Efficient Platforms For Efficient Uptake and Release of Analytes
  • A Study on Thermal Properties of Composite Metal Foams for Applications in Tank Cars Carrying Hazardous Materials

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