Microsoft Excel Essential Hints and Tips Fundamental hints and tips to kick start your Excel skills

Microsoft Excel Essential Hints and Tips

Microsoft Excel Essential Hints and Tips Fundamental hints and tips to kick start your Excel skills by Diane Griffiths

Contents of Microsoft Excel Essential Hints and Tips

  • The ‘Learn Excel Visually’ Journey
  • What’s in it for Me?
  • About Me
  • Introduction
  • Setting up your Spreadsheet
  • Getting data into Excel
  • Formatting your spreadsheet
  • Display Management
  • Printing and sharing
  • Bonus – Make it Idiot Proof
  • Bonus – A Summary of my Favourite Shortcuts
  • Conclusion

Why is this?

Well – Excel provides the tools, but doesn’t tell you how to use them. You can read about the functionality of Excel and try and figure out what to use, but how do you know what to apply and when?

The Learn Excel Visually (LEV) journey is here to take you through the essentials of the Excel process; set up your spreadsheet, capture and structure data efficiently, cleanse it, analyse it meaningfully and present it with visual oomph.

There are no complicated macros or convoluted functionality on the LEV journey, I teach what you need to know, not what you don’t.

What I tend to find with Excel textbooks is that they give you a lot of information, it’s all very good information but I don’t use most of it.

Therefore the idea of these short handy bite-size books is to provide you with what I have found to be most useful elements of Excel within my day-to-day work and life. I don’t tell you about all the bells and whistles – just what you need on a daily basis.

These ebooks are suitable for anyone who is looking to learn Excel and wants to increase their productivity and efficiency, both at work and home.

Please bear in mind I don’t cover all functionality of all areas, the point is that I strip out anything that’s not useful and only highlight the functionality that I believe is useful on a daily basis.

Don’t buy a huge textbook which you’ll never fully read, pick an ebook which is most relevant to your current learning; read it, apply it and then get on with your day.

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