Multilingual Dictionary of Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications

Multilingual Dictionary of Electricity Electronics and Telecommunications

Download PDF For Free: Multilingual Dictionary of Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications. Vol. 2: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

(Многоязычный словарь по электричеству, электронике и телекоммуникациям.

Том II: английский, французский, русский, немецкий, испанский, итальянский, голландский, польский и шведский)Since the main long periods of its reality,

inquiries of global classification, which encourage trades of the two merchandise and thoughts, have drawn in the consideration of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

A sequential rundown of electrotechnical terms, along with their definitions, proposed by the IEC’s first Technical Committee :

” Nomenclature ” (TC 1) was endorsed at the Berlin meeting in 1913. The secretariat obligations of this Technical Committee since it was set up in 1910 have been completed by the French Electrotechnical Committee.

From the mid twenties onwards, the Commission arranged the main release of its International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) which was distributed in 1938.

That version contained somewhere in the range of 2 000 terms joined by the meanings of the ideas represented.

In 1983, the IEC Multilingual Dictionary o f Electricity was distributed.

It depended on 40 sections of the IEV, characterized in excess of 7 500 terms in French and English, and gave the identical terms in seven different dialects :

Russian (the third official language of the IEC), just as German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.Terms identifying with media communications were excluded.The title of the current second release :

IEC Multilingual Dictionary o f Electricity, Electronics and Telecommunications, reflects both the consistently expanding function of hardware in the exercises of the Commission and the incorporation of terms identifying with telecommunications.

IEV parts of the 700 arrangement have been set up by joint gatherings of specialists from the Technical Committees of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the International Consultative Radiocommunication Committee (CCIR), the International Consultative Telegraph and Telephone Committee (CCITT),

and the IEC. The CCIR – CCITT – IEC Joint Co-ordinating Group for jargon (JCG) co-ordinates these activities.This second version depends on almost 70 IEV sections and contains 18 000 terms and synonyms.

For the rundown of fields covered, if you don’t mind allude to the yellow pages.In expansion to giving a remarkable multilingual reference work,

this word reference is planned to encourage understanding between electrical architects, all things considered,

and help with wiping out a specific laxity in specialized language, the wellspring of various mistaken assumptions, expensive in both time and cash.

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