by Frank J. Fabozzi, Dessislava A. Pachamanova

Portfolio Construction and Analytics by Frank Fabozzi, Dessislava Pachamanova

Portfolio Construction and Analytics 1st Edition by Frank J. Fabozzi, Dessislava A. Pachamanova

About the Book

Portfolio Construction and Analytics provides current knowledge about the process of investment analysis for both professionals and students. Complete and thorough analysis of portfolio analytics as well as methods for modeling the book is unique because of it’s multidisciplinary nature.

Investment analytics is the result of input of many disciplines, and this guide offers a comprehensive view of modeling, data management software resources, as well as investment strategies that will give you an knowledge of how companies today take on the task.

Examples from real-world situations provide insights into the analytics that are performed using software from vendors, while references to the use of open-source software will be useful for both learners and professionals.

Portfolio analytics is a term that refers to the various methods employed to analyze, screen track, and analyze the performance of investments.

Large data, regulatory changes and the increase in risk are making it necessary to adopt an unified approach to the entire field of investment analytics This book will provide the foundational capabilities you require.

  • Master the fundamental modeling concepts and widely used analytics
  • Learn the latest trends in risk metrics, modeling, and investment strategies
  • Get up to speed on the vendor and open-source software most commonly used
  • Gain a multi-angle perspective on portfolio analytics at today’s firms

Finding investment opportunities, keeping portfolios in line with investment goals as well as keeping track of performance and risk are the main tasks of an investment company that is heavily dependent on the results of analytics.

The reliance on analytics will only grow due to changes in the market and increasing regulatory pressure. Practitioners require a comprehensive knowledge of the most recent techniques and models that are that are used to create a solid investment strategy. Portfolio Construction and Analytics is an indispensable source for managing portfolios in any role.

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