Power Excel with Mr Excel by Bill Jelen

Power Excel with Mr Excel by Bill Jelen

Power Excel with Mr Excel by Bill Jelen.  

About The Author

I n 1989, Bill Jelen took a job in a finance department to maintain a very expensive reporting tool. When he discovered on day one that this new tool did not work, he began to learn how to use a $299 spreadsheet program in ways no sane person would ever think to use it.

To the manager who hired him, he now wants to admit that all the reports that allegedly came out of the $50K 4th GL reporting tool from 1989 through 1994 really were actually produced with Lotus 1-2-3 and, later, Excel.

Thinking he was the smartest spreadsheet guy he knew, Jelen launched MrExcel.com in 1998 and quickly learned that while he knew everything about taking 50,000 rows of mainframe data and turning them into a summary report, there were many people using Excel in many different ways.

To all of the people who mailed in questions back in 1998 and 1999, Jelen thanks them for honing his spreadsheet skills. He now admits that he initially knew the answers to none of their questions, but secretly researched the answer before replying to their e-mails.

Today, MrExcel Consulting provides custom VBA solutions to hundreds of clients around the English speaking world. The MrExcel.com Web site continues to provide answers to 30,000 questions a year.

In fact, with over 900,000 answers archived, it is likely that the answer to nearly any Excel question has already been posted on the Web site’s message board. Jelen is a regular IMA/IIA speaker circuit.

He holds a regular Excel Q&A via his daily Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast. He writes the monthly Excel column for Strategic Finance magazine. There are so many features in Excel, that Jelen has never taught a seminar without learning something new from someone in the audience who reveals some new technique or shortcut.

Mostly, though, Jelen learns what Excel annoyances are driving people crazy. The questions in this book are the types of questions Jelen hears over and over. Jelen is the author of 50 books on Excel.

He has produced over 2,000 episodes of the Learn Excel from MrExcel video podcast. He was a regular guest on Call for Help and That Lab with Leo Laporte on TechTV.

He is a 10-year Microsoft MVP in Excel. When he isn’t writing, you will find him on a kayaking from his back yard in Merritt Island, Florida

Main Contents of Power Excel with Mr Excel by Bill Jelen

  • Why Does Office 365 Have Better Features?
  • Which Version of Office 365 Has Power Pivot?
  •  Why Do I Have to Sign in to Excel?
  • How Can I Use Excel on Dual Monitors? 
  • How Can I Open The Same Workbook Twice?
  •  Find Icons on the Ribbon Where is File
  •  Where Are My Macros? 
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  •  Go Wide
  • Minimize the Ribbon to Free Up a Few More Rows
  •  Use a Wheel Mouse to Scroll Through The Ribbon Tabs
  • Why Do The Charting Ribbon Tabs Keep Disappearing?
  • Use Dialog Launchers For More Choices
  •  Icon, Dropdowns, and Hybrids
  • How to Print Page Numbers at the Bottom of Each Page
  • Have Excel Talk to You
  • Use Parentheses to Control the Order of Calculations
  • Use White Text to Hide Data
  • Very Hide a Worksheet
  • Debug Using a Printed Spreadsheet
  • Grouping 1 Pivot Table Groups Them All
  • Calculated Fields in a Pivot Table
  • Create a Pivot Table from Access Data
  • Load a List of File Names into Excel
  • Get Excel Data Into Power Pivot
  • Replace Calculated Fields with DAX
  • Share Your Dashboard to Power BI in the Cloud
  • Begin Excel 2010 Formatting on Design
  • Use the Border Tab in Format Cells
  • Select All Cells Using the Keyboard
  • Draw an Arrow to Visually Illustrate That Two Cells Are Connected
  • Prevent Power BI from Adding Up Year Fields
  • Combine Validation with AutoComplete

Foreword to Power Excel with Mr Excel by Bill Jelen

I am a comic book superhero. At least, I play one at work. As the mighty man of macro, I have the coolest job in town: playing MrExcel, the smartest guy in the world of spreadsheets.

Well, yes, that is a lot of hype. I am not really MrExcel. In fact, there are so many different ways to do the same thing in Excel that I am frequently shown up by one of my own students.

Of course, I then appropriate that tip and use it as my own! I have incorporated some of these discoveries in a pretty cool 3.5-hour seminar titled Power Excel Tips.

This is amazing stuff—like pivot tables, filters, and automatic subtotals. I love to be in front of a room full of accountants who use Excel 40+ hours a week and get oohs and ahhhs within the first few minutes.

I have to tell you, if you can make a room full of CPAs ooh and ahh, you know that you’ve got some good karma going. At that point, I know it will be a laugh-filled session and a great morning.

One of these classes, which I was presenting at the Greater Akron Chamber, provided the Genesis moment for this book. One of the questions from the audience was about something fairly basic.

As I went through the explanation, the room was silent as everyone sat in rapt attention. People were interested in this basic tip because it was something that affected their lives every day.

It didn’t involve anything cool. It was just basic Excel stuff. But it was basic Excel stuff that a room full of pretty bright people had never figured out. Think about how most of us learned Excel.

We started a new job where they wanted us to use Excel. They showed us the basics of moving around a spreadsheet and sent us on our way. We were lucky to get 5 minutes of training on the world’s most complex piece of software! Here is the surprising part of this deal.

With only 5 minutes of training, you can use Excel 40 hours a week and be productive. Isn’t that cool? A tiny bit of training, and you can do 80% of what you need to do in Excel.

The problem, though, is that there are lots of cool things you never learned about. Microsoft and Lotus were locked in a bitter battle for market share in the mid-1990s.

In an effort to slay one another, each succeeding version of Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 offered incredibly powerful new features.This stuff is still lurking in there, but you would never know to even look for it.

My experience tells me that the average Exceller is still doing things the slow way. If you learn a just couple of these new tips, you could save 2 hours per week.

This book talks about 617 of the most common and irritating problems in Excel. You will find each of these 617 items (which you have been stumbling over ever since your “5 minutes of training”) followed by the solution or solutions you need to solve that problem.

A lot of these topics stem from questions sent my way in seminars I’ve taught. They may not be the coolest tips in the whole world, but if you master even half of these concepts, you will be smarter than 95% of the other Excellers in the world and will certainly save yourself several hours per week.

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