Proceedings of FORM 2021 by Pavel Akimov and Nikolai Vatin

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Proceedings of FORM 2021 by Pavel and Nikolai

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Contents of Proceedings of FORM 2021 eBook

  • Modern Building Materials
  • Viscoelastic Vibrations of a Layered Composite with Internal Friction
  • Vibration Damping Problems for Some Models of Viscous Fluids
  • Calculation of Retention Profiles in Porous Medium
  • Mechanical and Durability Properties of High-Performance Concrete in Corrosive Medium of Vietnam
  • Modifying Heracleum sosnowskyi Stems with Monoethanolamine(N→B)-trihydroxyborate for Manufacturing Biopositive Building Materials
  • Phase Content of Plasticized Cement Systems in the Early Stages of Heat-Moisture Treatment
  • Plasticizer Type Influence on HCP Radiation Resistance
  • Properties of Epoxy Composites with Halloysite Nanotubes Subjected to Tensile Testing
  • Effect of Liquid-to-Alumino-Silicate Material Ratio and Rice Husk Ash Content on the Properties of Geopolymer Concrete
  • Composite Forming by the Method of Prestressing of Carbon Unidirectional Tape
  • Influence of Superplasticizer and Silica Fume on the Structure Formation and Properties of Cement Stone
  • Cellular Structure Formation of Composite Materials
  • Mechanical Properties of Butyl Rubber Composites with Microspheres Under Cyclic Loading
  • Reliability of Buildings and Constructions and Safety in Construction
  • Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Concrete Static-Dynamic Stress–Strain Curves
  • Simulation of Effects the Degree of Water-Saturation on Stress– Strain State
  • Modelling and Mechanics of Building Structures Elastic–Plastic Equilibrium of a Hollow Ball Made of Inhomogeneous Ideal-Plastic Material
  • Assessments of Solutions of the Uniform Elastic Boundary Value Problem in the Tip Area of a Boundary Wedge-Shape Notch
  • Computer Programs Developing for Solving Problems of Cylindrical Shells Stability Estimation of the Vibration Waves Level at Different Distances
  • Mode Shapes of Transverse Vibrations of Rod Protected from Vibrations in Kinematic Excitations
  • Pile and Elastic–Plastic Soil Mass Interaction
  • Regularities of Formation of Residual Stresses in the Fatigue Crack Tip
  • Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Truss with Initial Member Length
  • Imperfection Subjected to Impulsive Load Using Mixed Finite Element Method
  • Optimal Scale Modeling of Surf Zone Waves
  • Features of Numerical Modeling of CFRP Steel Bars
  • The Concept of Bearing Capacity Distribution in the Supports of Arches
  • Force Combinations Inducing Lateral Torsional Buckling
  • Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams on Yielding Supports
  • Modeling of High-Speed Interaction of Composite Barrier and Steel Striker
  • Information Modeling of Wind Flows for Object of Parametrical Architecture
  • Iterative Refinement of the Boundary Condition in the Numerical Solution of the Thermoelasticity Problem
  • Pochhammer—Chree Wave Dispersion in Hollow Cylinders
  • Prefabricated Steel Structures with a Corrugated Web (Part Load-Bearing Capacity of a Steel Beam with a Profiled Sheet Web)
  • Evaluation of the Dynamic Behavior of Multi-connected Shell Structures
  • Impact of Construction Seams on the Bearing Capacity of a CVC-RCC Combined Dam
  • Assessment of Embankment Dam Slope Stability with Consideration of Its Stress State
  • Interaction of Long Piles with a Multilayer Soil Mass Taking into Account the Elastic and Rheological Properties
  • Propagation of a Spherical Wave in Elastoplastic Medium with Complex Equations of State
  • Identification Vibration Characteristics of Structures by Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Technique Pile Rows for Protection from Surface Waves
  • Longitudinal-Transverse Bending of Physically Nonlinear Rods by Quasi-Static Loads and Mass Forces
  • The Stress–Strain State of Reinforced Concrete Arches with a View of Concrete Viscoelasticity
  • Differential Equations with Fractional Derivatives for Studying an Oscillator with Viscoelastic Damping Engineering and Smart Systems in Construction
  • Buildings Enclosures Coupling by Its Energy Efficiency Seismic Resistance and Microclimate
  • Pre-ammonization in the Preparation of Chromaticity Water for Drinking Purposes
  • Verification of Heat Supply System Telemetry Data
  • Groundwater Treatment Plants as a Sustainable Source of Iron-Containing Nanopowders
  • Global Environmental Challenges Particles Transport with Deposit Release in Porous Media
  • Physically-Based Streamflow Predictions in Ungauged Basin with Semi-Arid Climate

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