Quantum Mechanics in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Quantum Mechanics in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Quantum Mechanics in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics by Karl E. Gustafson and William P. Reinhardt

Contents of Quantum Mechanics in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

  • Total Cross Sections in Non-Relativistic Scattering Theory
  • Classical-Quantum Correspondence in Non-Linear Systems
  • Real Axis Asymptotics and Estimates of Hamiltonian
  • Resolvent Kernels
  • Statistical Inference in Quantum Mechanics dinger Operators with Oscillating Potentials
  • Time Delay and Resonance in Simple Scattering
  • A Study of the Helmholtz Operator
  • Invariant Manifolds and Bifurcations in the Taylor Problem
  • On the Dimension of a Finite Difference Approximation to Divergence-Free Vectors
  • Intramolecular Dynamics in the Quasiperiodic and
  • Stochastic Regimes
  • Problems in the Semiclassical Quantization of Integrable and Nonintegrable Classical Dynamical Systems
  • One-Dimensional Crystals in an External Field
  • Dynamics of Forced Coupled Oscillators: Classical
  • Phenomenology of Infrared Multiphoton Absorption
  • Irreversibility and Stochasticity of Chemical Processes
  • On the Representations of the Local Current Algebra and the Group of Diffeomorphisms
  • Regular and Chaotic Regimes in Quantum Mechanics
  • Barrier Penetration and Exponential Decay in the Stark Effect
  • A Nonlinear Schr dinger Equation Yielding the “Shape of Molecules”
  • Classical Limit of the Number of Quantum States
  • Formal Integrals for a Nonintegrable Dynamical System: Preliminary Report
  • On a Generalized Weyl-Von Neumann Converse Theorem
  • Scattering Theory in Many-Body Quantum Systems
  • Analyticity of the Scattered Matrix
  • Existence, Uniqueness, Stability and Calculation of the
  • Stationary Regimes in Some Nonlinear Systems
  • Weighted Trigonometric Approximations in L (Rn )
  • The Phenomenon of Magnetic Pairing and Exactly Soluble
  • Models of Magnetic Resonances
  • Asymptotic Resonance Properties of the FiniteDimensional Friedrichs Model
  • Self-Consistent Field Methods for Metastable Electronic
  • States: A Promising Extension of the Complex Coordinate Technique
  • Timestep Control for the Numerical Solutions of InitialBoundary-Value Problems
  • Quantum Mechanical Angular Distributions and Group
  • Representations on Banach Spaces
  • Tensor Product Decomposition of Ho morphical y Induced
  • Representations and Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients
  • Orthogonal Laurent Polynomials and Gaussian Quadrature
  • Measurement Theory with Instruments Treated Partially
  • Quantum Mechanically
  • Transition Maps and Locality
  • The Feynman-Kac Formula for Boson Wiener Processes
  • On Nonunitary Equivalence Between Unitary Group of Dynamics and Contraction Semi groups of Markov Processes

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