PDF Free Download Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering Select Proceedings of ACE 2020 by Boeing Laishram and Abhay Tawalare

Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering

Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering Select Proceedings of ACE 2020 by Boeing Laishram and Abhay Tawalare

Contents of Recent Advancements Civil Engineering

  • Utilising BIM in Construction Safety Planning: A Systematic Review
  • Exploring Regulation of Entry in the Construction Sector in South Africa
  • Benefits of BIM in Reducing Errors in Indian Construction Projects
  • Stakeholder Management in Public–Private–Partnership Projects: A Review
  • The Role of a Quantity Surveyor Throughout the Lifecycle of a Construction Project
  • Smart Cities in the Development of Sustainable Infrastructure—Systematic Literature Review of Two Decades Research
  • Assessing the Effect of Audit Compliance, Conflict Management and Bureaucratic Attitude on the Success of Public Projects
  • The Rhetoric of Smart City A Conceptual Critique of Indian and the US Developments
  • COVID-19: Claims and Dispute Management in Construction
  • Factors Affecting Delays in Infrastructure Construction Projects
  • Model to Predict Additional Usable Carpet Area in Building Redevelopment Projects of Housing Societies in Mumbai City
  • An Exploratory Study on Mental Well-Being of Employees in Construction Organisations
  • Evaluation of Bid in Construction Industry Based on Multi-criteria Approach Using TOPSIS
  • Assessing the Critical Success Factors for PWD Projects in Rural Area
  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Using Recycled Glass and Red Ash as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate (Experimental Investigation)
  • Flow and Strength Characteristics of CLSM Using Gypsum Dry Wall
  • Experimental Investigations on Stabilized Mud Blocks Enriched with Steel Slag for Sustainable Construction
  • Sustainable Construction Using Steel FRP Composites
  • Development of Mix Design and Correlation Studies Between Mechanical Properties of Ternary Blended High-Strength Concrete
  • Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Models for Prediction of Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Strength
  • Recycling Potential of Sugarcane Biomass Ash as an Improved Pozzolanic Binder and Sustainable Masonry Product
  • Application of Biocementation for Augmentation of Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Concrete
  • Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced Geopolymer Composites: A Review
  • Study on Energy Requirements of Building Envelope Developed from Glass Powder Foamed Geopolymer Blocks
  • Pozzolanic Rendering of Lime Sludge and Sandstone Reject Blend
  • Use of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash in Lieu of Natural River Sand in Pavement Quality Concrete Dosed with a New Generation Superplasticizer (Master FlyAsh)
  • Effect of Biocementation on Concrete using Different Calcium Sources
  • Bamboo-Reinforced Concrete Lintel Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Basalt Fibre-Reinforced Concrete – A Sustainable Approach
  • Experimental Investigation on Mechanical and Durability Properties of Basalt Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
  • Using Isothermal Calorimetry to Predict Setting Time of Cement-Based Materials (CBMs)
  • State of the Art: Ultra-High-Performance Concrete: From Fundamental to Applications
  • The Potential Use of Waste Paper Sludge for Sustainable Production of Concrete – A Review
  • Monitoring Heavy Metals Concentrations in a Natural Wetland and Aquatic Plant Eichhornia Crassipes for Assessment of Its Biomonitoring Potential
  • Removal of Pb(II) Ion from Aqueous Phase Under Uncontrolled and Controlled pH Conditions by Granular Activated Alumina
  • Assessment of Particulate Exposure in Different Transport Medium at Two Contrasting Land Uses of Bangalore
  • Adsorption of 2-Picoline on Tea Waste: Studies on Characteristics of Adsorbent and Effects on Various Adsorption Parameters
  • Evaluation of Groundwater Quality Using Water Quality Index (WQI) in Ambedkar Nagar City, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation with Hybrid Electrodes in the Decolourisation of Methyl Orange Dye
  • Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Ions in Groundwater of the Dimoria Block of Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam, India Using Geographic Information System
  • Fuzzy Random Uncertainty-Based Design of Water Distribution Network Using Cross-Entropy Optimization
  • Efficient Division of Water Distribution Network into District Metered Areas: Application to Ramnagar Subzone of Nagpur City
  • Impact of Lockdown on Ambient Air Quality in Nagpur Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Experimental Assessment of Natural Ventilation as a Mitigation Measure for Indoor Air Pollution Problem
  • Impact of Different Mode of Electrode Connection on Performance of Hybrid Electrocoagulation Unit Treating Greywater
  • Numerical Simulation of Drive-Drill-Drive Techniques for Open-Ended Pile Installations
  • Effect of Anthropogenic and Natural Activities on a Rock Slope Failure Using Rate, State, Temperature and Pore Pressure Friction
  • Investigation on Behaviour of Open-Ended Driven Piles in Different Cohesionless Soils Using Image-Based Measurements
  • Determination of Resilient Modulus of Layered Bio-stabilized Soil
  • Development of a Plastic-Coated Natural Fibre Reinforcement for Geotechnical Applications
  • EPS-Based Lightweight Geomaterial – A Review
  • Comparative Study Between Proposed Rigid Pavement and Flexible Perpetual Pavement for Western Alignment of Pune Ring Road
  • Development of Free-Flow Criteria for Divided Rural Highway: A Case Study
  • Experimental and Numerical Studies on FRC for Use in Dowel-Jointed Rigid Pavements
  • Spatial Statistical Analysis of Traffic Accidents Using GIS and Python for Optimum Resource Allocation
  • Comparison of Morphometric Parameters for Jonk Watershed Derived from Integrated Tool Developed in ArcGIS and QGIS Platform
  • Performance Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge Infrastructure in Junewani Watershed, Nagpur, Maharashtra Using Spatial Approach

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