PDF Free Download Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering Select Proceedings of RAME 2020 by Anil Kumar, Amit Pal, Surendra Singh Kachhwaha, Prashant Kumar Jain

Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering Select Proceedings of RAME 2020 by Anil Kumar, Amit Pal, Surendra Singh Kachhwaha, Prashant Kumar Jain

Contents of Advances in Mechanical Engineering

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Experimental Studies of Heat Transfer Under Natural Convection in Heat Pipe Insulated with Vacuum Chamber
  • Commissioning Process and Energy Analysis in the Building: A Case Study for Ranchi City
  • Fabrication of Metal-Doped Polymer to Study Its Thermal and Mechanical Properties
  • Investigation on Heating Load for Polyhouse Located in Agra: A Case Study
  • Levelized Cost Computation of Novel Thermoelectric Modules
  • Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Al2O3–H2O Based Nanofluid Flow in Light Water Nuclear Reactor
  • Effect of Obstruction Aspect Ratio in a Suddenly Expanded Micro-combustor
  • Impact of Roof Colour Paints on the Indoor Temperature in a Non-conditioned Building of Composite Climate
  • An Overview of Various Techniques of Atmospheric Water Extraction from Humid Air
  • Energy Science and Engineering
  • Single Slope Single Basin Active Solar Still Integrated with ETCs: A Review
  • A Review on Nuclear Energy-Based Hydrogen Production Methods
  • Power Generation from Waste Heat Using Thermoelectric Modules
  • Effect of SiC Nanoparticles Concentration on the Tribological Behavior of Karanja Oil
  • Performance Characteristics of Karanja Biodiesel Blends Using Energy Audit Technique
  • Performance of Capillary Fed Wick Stove Fuelled with Blends of Butanol and Kerosene
  • Solar-Driven Vapour Absorption (LiBr–H2O) Cooling Systems for Commercial Buildings: A Parametric Analysis
  • Comparative Performance Evaluation of Si and Ge Solar Cell Using PC1D Modelling
  • Energy Science and Engineering
  • Predicting the Output of a Wind Mill Using ANN Modelling
  • CFD-Based Correlation Development for Artificially Roughened Solar Air Heater
  • Comparative Study of the Performance of Double-Pass and Single-Pass Solar Air Heater with Thermal Storage
  • Role of ANN in Functionality and Designing of Solar Photovoltaic Cell: A Review
  • Numerical Modelling of Thermal Cooling in PV Panels with NEPCM
  • Intelligent Moving Machine (IMM) Based on Battery for an Efficient Regenerative Braking System
  • Evaluating the Engine Emission Outcomes from a CRDI Engine Operated with Low Viscous Bio-oil Blends Under the Influence of Diethyl Ether
  • Recent Advancements in Solar-Assisted Thermoelectric Generator
  • Hybrid Nano-materials Properties Analysis for Solar Photovoltaic
  • Investigations on Ethanol as the Raw Material for Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Applications
  • Combustion and Thermal Performance of Dual Fuel Engine: Influence of Controlled Producer Gas Substitution with Pilot B20 (WCOME Biodiesel–Diesel) Blending
  • Performance Enhancements of Solar Dryers Using Integrated Thermal Energy Storage: A Review
  • Experimental Analysis of Four-Stroke Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Biogas as a Dual Fuel
  • A Current Review on Linear Fresnel Reflector Technology and Its Applications in Power Plants
  • Bio-diesel Production from Kalonji (Nigella sativa L.) Seed Oil Using Microwave Oven-Assisted Transesterification: A Sustainable Approach
  • Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDe) Fueled with Cottonseed Bio-diesel and Diesel Blends
  • Optimization of Biodiesel Production Using Supercritical Solvent by Taguchi’s Technique and CI Engine Testing
  • Performance Analysis of Savonius Hydrokinetic Turbine with Stationary Deflector Plates Using CFD
  • Design and Development
  • Experimental Investigations on Bubble Detection in Water–Air Two-Phase Vertical Columns
  • Vibration Control Using Two Electromagnetic Actuators on a Simply Supported Beam
  • New Approach for Evaluating Different Concrete Mixer Based on Concrete Slurry Property

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